4 Advanced Electronic Security Measures for Retailers

December 3, 2019

Electronic Security Measures for Retailers

How much work and dedication you would have put in to make a position for your retail store in the market. You always want to soar high in numbers with the retail shop. So you would be keeping an eye on any theft or security threat to your shop. You may also have taken some steps to secure your retail store with security guards and other security systems. But sometimes your retail store can get crowded and you won’t be able to pay attention anywhere. And it can lead to fraud or theft in your store. To have a better security system at your retail store, you can have these electronic security systems at your retail store.

1) Attach Merchandising Security

If you have some high-value products at your retail stores like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, or any other gadgets, then installing merchandising security will be wise. Merchandising security will provide the customer to pick up and test the device while being tied to the display furniture. A wide range of merchandising security equipment is available like magnetic holders and wired grip holders. You can choose the equipment according to your product needs. There are also merchandising security equipment with an in-built charger that keeps your display products charged always.

2) Install Smart Inventory Management Tools

You can also prevent your inventory loss by installing smart and frequent inventory management device. The device is beneficial as it lessens your load of keeping any hawk-like eye on your store. It can sometimes happen that you may get distracted and don’t notice the theft. To save yourself from such problems, you can put barcode scanners on your products for proper stocking of the inventory. This will help you save a lot of time and will also prevent any miscounting of inventory or theft.

3) Install a Camera and Video Analytics

You may have installed security cameras at the vital points of your retail shop. But with analytics software for your surveillance camera will be more beneficial. If any suspicious movement occurs, the camera will alert you. Like a person leaving the store along with the product without paying. With information on demographics, incoming and outgoing people count and heatmaps, it can pinpoint the theft quickly.

4) Attach an EAS Device

Electronic Article Surveillance(EAS) is a device that is attached to your product to prevent shoplifting. EAS devices such as tags, labels, antennas, or spider tags are available to use. Tags are attached to the product and when a shoplifter leaves the store with the tag through the electronic sensor at the exit gate, you can trigger the alarm.

These are some of the advanced electronic security systems that can keep your retail shop secure. You being a retail store owner should install such security systems as soon as possible, because you know the kind of threats the retail store face. So it would be better to stay cautious.


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