Flight or Fight for a security guard?

October 24, 2014

In any kind of pressured situation, a security guard has two options – flight or fight. Depending on the situation, flight or fight maybe the right response. If you’re surprised that flight is an option for a security guard, don’t be, read on and you’ll know why. Good security guards are trained to handle all kinds of situations.

At GPS Security, our security guards get all kinds of jobs from guarding a building to cordoning off an area after a fire to helping strengthen the security of an oil facility.

Here’s how a good security guard is trained for high pressured situations

– Creating Scenarios

A security guard in training can’t be thrown into an actual high-pressured situation, however scenarios are created to help him understand what a high-pressured situation can be.

– Staying Calm

People panic under a high pressured situation, a good security guard doesn’t. He is a rock!

– Evaluating

With a calm mind, a security guard is able to evaluate the next best options.

– Act

Any person in the military or the business world will tell you that making a decision and being able to execute it is better than being frozen and not acting at all. A good security guard is able to take a decision and act on it. The best part is that it will be in-line with any emergency protocols your organization already has in place.


One option that the security guard has is to face the problem head on. That is only possible if he and others around him don’t get injured. For example, dealing with an unruly guest at a hotel requires the security guard to make the right choices. The unruly guest needs to be treated with a firm hand without embarrassing the hotel.

Similarly, criminal activity like stealing or graffiti can be solved by confronting the culprit. These situations won’t result in injury of the guard or others.


Flight is an option a security guardis trained to take with in more deadly situations which are too big for him to handle. You cannot expect a security guard to take down an armed individual. The most appropriate action would be to call the people who can deal with such an individual and get innocent civilians out of the way.

In such a situation, flight is better as a security guard is not trained or equipped to deal with such a high pressured situation. By moving away from the scene, he will be more helpful in initiating security protocols to evacuate the area and callin the right authorities.

Flight or fight is not what you should be thinking. You want a security guard who can respond (not react) to the situation at hand. GPS security guards are trained to the best of their abilities to deal with various high pressured situations. Their training kicks in helping them to make the right decision.


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