Five Security Equipment To Increase Your Home’s Value

June 19, 2018

Alberta Security Company

Getting security equipment installed in your home does not only protect you from threats but also benefits you when you resell your house. When people look for a new house to buy, one of the most important things that they will consider other than the space, convenience, and aesthetics on offer is the safety. A well-equipped home security system can objectively increase the value of any house, fetch the seller a better price and can result in a quick sale. So if you’re thinking of upgrading your home security equipment to maximize security as well as boost your home’s value, here are a few things you should consider:

Smart Locks

You might already be aware of how easy it can be for a professional burglar to pick a standard lock. To really secure your doors and prevent unwanted intrusion you should look for more advanced ways to lock and unlock your doors. There are a number of smart locks that are commercially available which can be unlocked through a smartphone app, making the lock more secure and the process of unlocking more convenient. This system will help to boost the value of your property.

Door Monitor

Conventional doorbells are rapidly being replaced by advanced door monitoring systems that do more than just notify you of a visitor. Modern door monitoring systems consists of a camera installed outside your front door or gate, with the footage streaming to a monitor inside your house. Whenever a visitor rings the doorbell, you can view and identify the person from within the safe confines of your house and decide whether to unlock the door or not. These systems are also equipped with speakers and receivers, allowing the visitor and owner to communicate if required, without the need for direct contact. The convenience and security provided by this equipment will definitely be a part of the features of your house while selling it.

Outdoor Cameras

If you have a yard surrounding your house, you may find it difficult to monitor the whole of your property without physically going around your house. It may also be difficult for you to monitor the entry to your garage and ensure the safety of your vehicles. Installing cameras outside your house at strategic points will allow you to monitor your space with ease, without leaving any blind spots. Such level of monitoring and security will be helpful in driving up the price of your house when you decide to sell while ensuring the safety of your property until then.

Sensors and Detectors

It is necessary to install smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in houses that have fuel-burning appliances, as mandated by the Alberta building code. In addition to having these basic sensors, you should also consider installing water sensors that warn of potential flooding and thus, enhance the safety factor of your home. This will make it more appealing to potential buyers while allowing you to prevent damages to your property. You can also install motion detectors near entry points to your home to ensure maximum security from unwanted intruders. Having such sophisticated security equipment could be instrumental in attracting a higher value for your home.


Alarms are an integral part of any security and safety system as they warn inhabitants as well as the authorities regarding any security breaches. This prompts a timely response by everyone involved to preserve property and human life. In addition to the basic smoke and fire alarms, you can have burglar alarms and hire an Alberta security company that provides alarm response security guard services for enhanced protection.

Installing these home security equipment in your home will ensure that your home fetches a higher price when you try to sell it. It will also make your house stay much more peaceful and secure. Therefore, make sure you get your electronic security installed by a reputed and experienced security company.


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