5 Questions To Ask a Security Guard While Hiring

July 11, 2019

Ask a Security Guard While Hiring

There are many individuals who undergo training and apply for a Guard Card. This card functions as a permit for them to work as security guards for complexes, malls, commercial offices, etc. When companies hire security guards, there are a couple of questions that must be asked to be sure of the kind of guards you are hiring, like event security guards and fire watch security guards and if they are qualified to work efficiently. It’s essential to make the right choice while hiring security guards in Calgary because they have to be trained for all kinds of emergencies and keep the premises safe from intruders and vandals.

To know if the security guards you chose are perfect for the job, you need to ask them the following questions to analyze if they are worth investing in.

1) What Kind of Public Safety Experience Do You Have?

By asking this, you can understand what kind of field experiences does the guard have and what valuable lessons they have learnt to maintain public safety. They should have skills that they couldn’t have learnt in a traditional classroom setting. See if the security guards have provided experiences that are relevant to the service requirement of your company.

2) Do You Have Any Relevant Certifications?

The law suggests that all security guards in Calgary or Canada, in general, need a valid guard card. But check if the guards have other valid and relevant certifications that they might have received for excellence in training or in certain activities. These certifications are definitely an added advantage for the security guards to get hired for the job.

3) What Are Your Greatest Strengths?

The biggest strength you could look for is problem-solving skills. See if they are calm and work their best under pressure. Ask them to give instances where they have helped in any emergencies. They should be able to prioritize tasks.

4) How Would You Contribute to Our Company?

You need to understand what the security guards have in mind for maintaining a safe environment. They need to react appropriately and professionally to conflicts and other dangerous circumstances.

5) Explain a Difficult Work-Related Situation You Faced, and How Did You Handle It?

Security guards are trained in uncomfortable settings to be prepared for dangerous circumstances while on the clock. But instead of negatively reacting to the situation, it’s essential that guards maintain composure and give their best course of action to pass the situation. The security guards may provide examples of how they possess strong problem-solving skills. By understanding how they handled tough situations, you can figure out which guards are capable of handling break-ins and other safety breaches.

By asking these questions you would definitely be able to shortlist the right candidates for the job. Hire the best security guards in Calgary from a security service providing company to get trained guards, equipped for all kinds of situations.


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