5 DIY Home Security Measures

July 6, 2018

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As a homeowner, you always feel you have not done enough to keep your home secure. You leave for work and keep pondering whether you locked the windows or not. Securing your home indeed is an important task, which we worry about all the time. So let us make this tedious task an easy one with the help of these easy DIY home security measures suggested by professional security companies.

1. Attach Door Hinges from Inside

When a burglar attacks your home, he is desperate to find his way in. In this desperation, he will try different tricks to open a door or window. One such trick commonly used by burglars is to unhinge your door or window. So don’t give this opportunity to a burglar and make sure your hinges are on the inside and not openly accessible outside.

2. Have Double Safety on Glass

In our efforts to secure our home, we often miss out on the obvious things that are right in front of our eyes. The glass panes that make your windows look pretty are also a good entryway for an intruder. An intruder can simply break into the glass panes and enter your house in your absence. Avoid this by installing a layer of metal bars on your panes to stop such intruders.

3. Get a Surveillance System

The safest way to avoid any unforeseen event is to get a good home surveillance system installed. These systems are designed to provide advanced security by providing a complete coverage, which includes burglar alarms and camera surveillance.

4. Conceal the Wires

Another technique often used by intruders is to turn off your security system for an easy entry. They do so by scouting for the open wires connecting to these devices and cutting them off. Do not give this easy opportunity to an intruder. Always conceal the wires that connect your security systems and make them difficult to notice for everyone.

5. Keep Your Home Occupied

Burglars generally look for an empty home for an easy stealing process. If you are one of those homeowners who often travel for days, it is recommended that you make your home look occupied at all times. You can do so by asking a neighbor to park their car in your driveway when you are away. Alternately, hire someone to maintain your lawn and shovel the snow in your absence. Also, you could install automatic lights that will turn on every evening.

These are some nifty ideas to make your home security less of a worry. Though these ideas work, you still need a fool-proof plan to avoid theft and burglary in your house. Getting a comprehensive security system is the plan that will help you secure your home. So get in touch with the best of security companies in Alberta to secure your home.


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