Frequently Asked Questions About Alarm Response Services

June 18, 2020


An alarm response service is a specialized 24/7 security solution provided by professional security companies. These alarm monitoring services dispatch their security guards to respond to and inspect a triggered alarm at their customer’s precise location or property being monitored.

These service providers are seldom referred to as call out or response services as they’re directed to the client’s property by the alarm monitoring team. The local responders keep in contact with the alarm monitoring team and alert the fire department or local police when required.

These professionals are well-trained in basic first aid and can help any injured individuals until paramedics arrive. They know how to assess and tackle different alarm situations such as attempted break-ins and robberies, plumbing and electrical problems, fire hazards, and natural disasters.

Now, we’ll discuss some of the frequently asked questions about alarm response services to help you understand important aspects of this security service.

Why Should I Get An Alarm Response Service?

Availing alarm response security guard service will help you secure your residential or commercial premises, save lives, and protect your vital assets. After your alarm is activated, a dedicated team of security professionals will show up at the scene to respond to the threat or notification.

It also becomes vital to obtain this service when you’re out of your home or office. Usually, most of the alarms get triggered when burglars enter an empty house or workplace when nobody’s there. That way, you won’t have to worry about your expensive items and valuable assets being stolen as the response team will respond to threats in no time and neutralize the situation.

How Does The Alarm Response Procedure Work?

When an alarm goes off, your contracted online monitoring organization receives a threat signal – they alert the alarm response security team immediately. The alarm response squad carries GPS mapping devices with them, allowing them to respond to a nearby alarm signal quickly.

Upon arrival, alarm responders in a marked security vehicle carry out the full interior and exterior patrol of your residential or commercial premises and report back to the alarm monitoring station with their initial findings. If it’s a false alarm, the alarm response team submits its report, and you also receive a copy.

In case the raised alarm is a genuine one, then the highly-trained alarm response crew members utilize their various skills and respond to multiple alarm situations accordingly.

When And What Types Of Alarms Does The Alarm Response Service Respond To?

The dedicated alarm response service providers respond to various kinds of alarm situations around the clock. They respond to all types of alarms dispatched by the alarm monitoring station effectively, including fire hazards, break-ins, intrusions, robberies, plumbing issues, electrical problems, natural disasters, and more.

Setting Up Alarm Response Service

Setting up an alarm response system at your home or office is a simple process. Select a reliable alarm response company and inform them about your requirements. Generally, your service provider will ask you to fill out and sign an alarm response agreement.

After completing the paperwork, you’ll officially become their alarm response client, and you’ll have to provide them with full access to your premises. They’ll then set up the necessary alarm response tools and equipment at your property.

GPS Security Group offers top-notch alarm response services across western Canada. We also provide our clients with free security audits on all of their residential and commercial premises. Visit our website to explore our expert security services or contact us for personalized service.


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