Do Fake Security Signs Work?

October 6, 2016

Do-fake-security-signs-work-1024x762Rather than have a security guard or police car outside your home, you can simulate home security through security signs.
  1. Fake Security Signs are an easy and cheaper alternative to the many home solutions out there and the big question on your mind is – Do they really work? Visible window and door locks

Locks that are visible to burglars will serve as a physical deterrent as well as secure your house ‘for real’ and not as a fake security measure. Always make sure you lock your doors and windows when heading out. Do not be frugal with your locks. Your local locksmith can recommend the strongest, best locks for your home.

  1. Install Security Cameras (Fake or Real Depending on Your Budget)

Make sure you get a good hard drive which can handle recordings worth a few days of video. You will need indoor and outdoor security cameras with night vision. If you can’t afford real cameras , fake cameras can also work as a good deterrent. Just make sure they’re quality fakes and not cheap plastic that thieves will easily identify as dummies. Having cameras installed in and around your yard and your house, will act as a deterrent to thieves planning to break into your house.

  1. Security Stickers and Alarm Signs

Try and avoid security stickers and alarm signs unless absolutely necessary. Don’t give burglars any information about your alarm company, since it can be used to bypass your system. Instead, just post general alarm or monitoring signs. Security stickers are only convincing if it is backed up with additional security elements such as visible cameras.

  1. Motion Activated Lights

If you have motion activated lights in your yard, you can easily see that burglars are getting in or trying to get in. This will act as a deterrent as you can actually see who’s trying to get in and also serve as a deterrent to ones attempting to. Illuminate shadowed part of your home and access points with motion-activated floodlights. That’s right, floodlights. If a light flips on, you want a wide viewing area.

The best deterrent is of course a real home security system. Not only will it deter criminals from breaking and entering, but they are also activate if such instances ever occurs by having blaring alarms and sends out message to the security company.

Almost always, you would want to use a safe and guaranteed system to protect your house and family. Using fake signs is really not of much use since it is easy for burglars to figure out who’s trying to fake it and who’s not. For example, you don’t want to leave the lights in your house on when you’re away. That’s like a beacon for burglars that they should come and rob your place. Instead, get a timer which will make your lights turn on and off at proper intervals.

Isn’t that a convincing way to deter burglars? Consult a professional security system agency so that you can get your security system setup today and most certainly not the fake one.

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