Fake Security Products: Why You Must Avoid Them

August 28, 2015

Security of your family is the most important things and you must always make sure that you have installed the best product at your house. Sadly, there are many companies in the market that offer the fake products for the security at a very low price and this tends to attract several people. They don’t realise the fact that these products can be hampered easily and they offer you no protection when it comes to the safety of your family. In the recent survey done by the group of Alberta Security Company, it was found that almost 48% of the homes have some or the other fake products installed at their security and they are exposed to the potential risks. When it comes to the installation of the security equipments, you must call in the Calgary security services professionals to get your home surveyed. They take the note of the areas that are exposed to the risks and offer you security solutions that are tailor made for your house. As they are listed, you can be sure of the equipments that you get from them. Here is why you must avoid the fake equipments at all cost.

1. Easily Hacked

When you have the fake security system at your home, they can be hacked by the intruder easily. As they have a very weak code, they can be opened by anyone. This exposes your family to the potential danger as the security system gets vulnerable. Always make sure that the system you have in the house is purchased from a reputed company and has a definitive warranty period. This allows you to take the updates on the equipments that are offered by the company from time to time. This keeps the system updated and protects it from the hackers.

2. Avoid Getting Security Equipments From Door To Door Vendors

This is the most common mistake people do. They tend to buy the security equipments from door to door vendors and this multiplies the risks by ten folds. The equipments sold by the vendors come with no guarantee and they can be easily hacked. Always avoid buying the locks form the vendors as they might have the spare key and this gives them a very easy access to your house. When it comes to the security of the house, always trust a good Alberta security company and take all the equipments from them.

The effectiveness of your home security depends a lot on how you have secured your home and from where you have got all the equipments. The dummy security systems are no match when it comes to the robust systems that are on offer by good companies at Alberta. Always remember to contact the professionals and make sure you are getting your home surveyed before you take up the security plan. Security of the family must be the major concern and never try to save money as it can prove very expensive in the longer run.

Image Credit: Freedigitalphotos.net


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