Enhance The Safety Of Your Office (Calgary Specific)

January 2, 2015

If you want your business to thrive, it needs to have good security. This security needs to protect your property, the employees and the data in your office. More than protecting your business from criminals or competitors, you are creating a safe work place at the office. A safe workplace ensures that your employees can give their 100%. At the same time, you may even have to tackle with the problem of workplace violence.

So here’s how you can create a safe work environment for your business in Calgary.

Parking Lot

If you are a large business and manage your own office property, then you will have to manage the security at the parking lot. Ensure there is some form of surveillance and security patrol there. The parking lot is a huge entry point for your office building. Additionally, it would be best to ensure the safety of your employee’s vehicles.

Entry Points

Entry points like your office front door, fire escape, etc need to be protected. This is critical to ensure that only the right people enter the premises. Have electronic locks on each of your entry points. Depending on which one you choose, these locks can be opened only by using a swipe card, fingerprint or keypad number.

Surveillance System

If your Calgary business runs a large office, or even the building, then it is vital to consider setting up a surveillance system. A surveillance system ensures that you have eyes everywhere. A camera at the parking lot, the access points and various other parts of the office ensures everything is being recorded.

If ever a crime does take place at the office, you have a recording. This is an important clue that can help in an investigation.

Security Guard

No matter how much technological security solutions you have in place it won’t replace a trained and professional security guard. A security guard looks for suspicious activity. Technology solutions can be fooled, but a security guard can’t. He is trained to respond to various emergencies and ensures the safety of your employees.

Additionally, he also has adept communication skills that give him the ability to handle all kinds of people visiting your office. This is vital if want your business to have a good reputation built from your front door itself.

Digital Security

If you don’t have an IT Security department, outsource it to a firm that handles it. A strong firewall and anti-malware system is a must to protect your technological systems. The more interconnected they are, the more risk of an infection spreading through all your office computer and sensitive data being stolen. The Sony Hacking Event has shown that even big companies are venerable to hacking and digital thefts.

What your business needs is to hire a Security Agency in Calgary so you can focus on other important aspects of your business. GPS Security is one of the top rate security firms in Calgary. Get in touch with us and we can make your office more secure.


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