Create An Emergency Medical Plan For Your Business

November 6, 2014

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An Emergency Medical Response Plan may seem pointless, but in certain scenarios, you’ll be glad that you had one in place. The whole point of good security is not just to protect your property (that is a secondary objective), but to protect the people who reside or work on the premises.

Whether you run a mall, a large corporate office or a potentially dangerous area like an oil platform, an Emergency Medical Response plan will come in handy. Medical crises are unpredictable: an employee collapsing in office, a customer gets in a mishap in the mall or a worker meets with an accident on the oil platform. It is all very possible.

A good security service will lend a hand in creating an effective Emergency Medical Response Plan that will help save lives.

– Rapid Communication
All parts of your property need to be able to contact the medical emergency team swiftly.

– A List of Contact Protocols

There should be a list of relevant contact numbers indicating which contact should be called for which emergency.

– Direct the Emergency Team Quickly
Once the medical team is on location, there needs to be a process to effectively direct them to the required site.

– Basic Medical Training

A good security service has their guards trained to deal with medical emergencies. Apart from that, you should have a few employees trained for such situations as well. If you are running a food business, have everyone know the Heimlich maneuver.

– Awareness

There is no point of creating an Emergency Medical Response Plan if only a few people are aware of it. Make people aware using seminars and posters.

Be involved with Technology

With the help of technology, you can get people to react fast. There are mobile apps which can perform automated actions like contacting the right medical contact. It can send vital information to the team like what is the emergency, its location, etc. This helps them come better prepared.

Reduce Medical Emergency Response Time

Seconds count when it comes to saving a person’s life. A good communication connection between the caller and the emergency team needs to be in place. If your location does not get good cell phone reception, is there a way to boost it up? Or are there other alternatives? One would be a walkie-talkie.

The floor plan should be shared with the medical emergency team so they can navigate easily..

Running Simulations

If there is a high chance of a medical emergency occurring in your business, you should have medical emergency simulations. It tests the readiness of your team and helps improve the response time.

A Trained Security Guard on-Hand

There are several things that can happen in a medical emergency.

– Bystander Effect: This happens when a crowd appears around the effected individual and each person assumes that the other will help out. This way, no one actually helps the individual.

– Panic Sets in: Panic can stall a person’s decision-making process and they are unable to act.

A security guard takes charge of the situation. Not only is he trained in emergency medical response, but he also gets people around to effectively help with the situation at hand.

You never know when a medical emergency will occur, but when it does you will be glad you took all of these steps.


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