Electronic Security Equipment for Schools

November 11, 2018

security equipment for schools

From the viewpoint of a parent, you send your kids to a school mainly to get educated. A school is a revered place where your kids learn, play and improve their social skills. You would expect your kids to be safe within the secure perimeter of the school.

According to research conducted by Pollara Strategic Insights in Toronto, the reality can be terrifying for the parents. It states that 70% of the teachers have witnessed violence. The bullying stats are no better – 47% of Canadian parents have reported incidences of their child being bullied. Professional security companies are a must for schools. An experienced security company will install all the state of art security equipment to monitor the entire school premises.

To Curb Violence in School

The ever-growing violence in schools brings shame to our civilized society. It shows our failures as parents, teachers, school administrators and authorities. We need to make conscious efforts to minimize it. Hiring professional security companies can definitely reduce it. Their security personnel would install all the necessary security equipment. The focus would be to monitor the entire premises. Security personnel from professional security companies in Edmonton are well trained and equipped to handle any violent situation on the campus. 

Also, anyone who tries to enter the school premises with a weapon would be caught using the security systems operating at the entrance. The security officials positioned at the gates can take care of the ill-intentioned intruder(s). Everyone from the kids, parents and even teachers would feel more secure.

To Prevent Bullying

Bullying is again a menace for the kids. Cruelty is among the first negative traits children pick from adults. Constant surveillance using security equipment discourages the bullies as it increases the chances of them being reported to the authorities.

A lot of children wish to avoid school due to bullying. A robust security system along with security professionals will increase the confidence of these kids. Their attendance would get better.


To Prevent Drug Abuse

Security systems, especially cameras, discourage students in schools from indulging in illegal substance abuse like cigarettes, drugs or alcohol. Security officials are also far more competent in comparison to teachers to deal with such activities.

To Monitor and Access the Behavior of the Teachers

 The school authorities and top management can monitor and access the teachers and their behavior too.

 The teachers would also be more conscious of the security systems installed by the security companies. They would generally refrain from physical punishments.  

To Aid During Emergencies

The presence of security equipment and personnel could be of great help during an emergency. Imagine in a case of a sudden breakout of fire how handy the security staff and the security systems would be. The security systems would detect the fire early. The staff can work on both the fronts. The first team can try to control and extinguish the fire. The second team can try to evacuate the children and others.

Professional security solutions are a must for your school. If you are seeking security solutions for your school in Edmonton, then contact GPS Security Group now for a consultation.

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