The Future Of Home And Commercial Security Systems

August 22, 2017

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Technology is never static. It is constantly advancing. Be it a simple cell phone or a Television set, everything only gets better with time. With meticulous research and multiple experiments, technology advances from what it is to something better. After all, the main focus of any kind of technological advancement is always to provide comfort to people and have an improved consumer experience. This holds true for home and commercial security systems as well. The future of home and commercial security systems will nullify the downsides of the current security devices.

Integrated Home Systems

Today most of you rely on your basic alarm system which has a bevy of motion sensors dotted around your home and a central keypad by your front door with a standard keypad to disarm it. But with technological advancements, you will be able to integrate your alarm system with your lighting system. So every time there is an intruder in your home all your lights will go on and off incessantly. Another feature could be having the option of randomly putting your lights on when you are away from home. This can trick a possible burglar into believing that there are people at home. All these added features will maximize your security, giving you peace of mind.

Intelligent Security System

The makers of home security systems are aiming at having an extremely intelligent security system wherein your alarm system will disarm when it recognizes you. The focus of technological improvement will be to provide a better consumer experience, making your life easy. Video monitoring will take a step forward and you will be in a position to receive data such as a change in temperature, movement, and sound. All your security devices will be integrated to provide a combined security cover for you. This means as mentioned above, even when you are away from home, you will be able to monitor every single thing in your house and even manage your lighting system or alert security officials if required.

Future Biometric Technology

Security systems of the future will be so advanced that they will be able to detect you at your doorstep and unlock the door for you to enter inside. There won’t a complex series of passwords and codes for all your security devices with the onset of biometric technology, as you yourself will be the password for your security system.

Intelligent Doorbell

Another invention you can expect for yourself is having an intelligent doorbell or the i-bell. Your doorbell will be Wi-Fi connected and you will able to talk to any visitor at the door through your smartphone even if you aren’t at home.

With the rise in scientific advancement in this field, you can soon expect highly intelligent security systems for your home. We at GPS security, believe in having the technology of the future. With us, you can rest assured that you will get the best security systems in Edmonton.


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