Doorknockers: How to Avoid Them

October 6, 2015

Security of the house depends on lots of factors and the more you are attentive at the various places, the more you will be able to avoid the potentially risky situations. The threat can come from anywhere and if you are someone who lives alone in the house or you are often out on the tours leaving your family and children alone in the house, then you have to take care of the doorknocker, who might be an intruder pretending as a salesperson. Many times you are met with sales person who offer you things that you simply can’t refuse, but there are times the try to sell you a product that may be completely useless for you. Security service in Calgary companies always recommend that you must have safety system installed at the front door like video calling facility where you will be able to see and talk to the person without opening the door. This allows you to talk to a person while you are safe inside the house and this minimizes the risk chances to great extent. Here are some few tips to safeguard the security of your family from the unwanted door knockers.

1. Putting Up A Notice

The best way to give a clear indication that you are not interested in any types of sales person is by putting up a notice at the front gate. This will give a clear message to the salesperson that the knocking will not be entertained and you are not interested in any of the products they have on offer. You have to keep in mind that though you might have put the notice at the gate, the sales person will still try to knock the door and reach you. If you have secured system installed by a good security service in Calgary, then can altogether stop their entry.

2. Never Entertain Them

Many people get lured with what the salesman has on offer and then they invite them inside the house and this is the most risky thing to do. As you don’t know the intentions of the person you are inviting in, it is always the best idea to never entertain the salesperson and if you don’t have the security measure at the door, then always use a latch to secure the door when you talk to them.

3. Ask For ID

If you have any doubt on the salesperson, then immediately ask for the ID. Call up the company whom they are representing and ensure if they have a door to door sales strategy.

4. Saying No always helps

Saying a firm no to the sales person is always a better idea. This may sound rude, but it is always safe to be blunt than to be sorry.

Always be sure to call one of the best security service in Calgary for the security package of the house. The professional approach and fitting will ensure that you have the best protection against all the risks.


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