Why You Don’t Want to Hire an Unqualified Guard

February 17, 2015

A security guard is a must for almost all businesses, whether you are running a retail store or holed up in a corporate building. He fulfills a simple, yet vital role as a security guard – and that is to protect and deter criminal elements from conducting theft or other illegal activities from your business premises.

More importantly, you need a security guard who is able to act as a good representative of your business. Since he is patrolling your premises or standing guard outside, he is going to frequently interact with your customers and clients. Hence, he needs to make a good impression.

Furthermore, if you have trouble, a good security guard will handle the situation without making a scene and embarrassing your establishment.

This is why you don’t want to hire an untrained security guard.

Fails to Notice the Environment Around him

An untrained security guard has not honed his observation skills. The ability to notice what’s happening around him and recognize social cues gives a security guard the ability to read an individual’s intentions.

This is vital to recognizing potentially hazardous individuals who should not be admitted onto your business premises.

Lax Treatment of Customers

The people who enter your business premises need to be treated well. Your security guard is the one who is standing outside and greeting the people who enter. Being recognized as an employee of your business, he will be asked all kinds of questions ranging from directions to the toilet to where they can find a particular product in the retail store. How he acts and treats them creates an image of your brand.

An untrained security guard is careless in his manners and often does not consider the brand he represents.

Not Tech Trained

Technology solutions can be a great addition to improving the security at your business. A video monitoring system and electronic locks ensure the safety of the people inside your business location. Technology can enhance the job of security guards.

A simple device like a radio can improve the coordination between all the security guards, and furthermore, with the help of a video monitoring system, a security guard can be informed of any suspicious activity.

However, an untrained security guard does not have the knowledge or the capability to utilize any technological solutions you install.

Unable to Handle Tough Situations

The biggest test for a security guard is his ability to handle a tough situation. It may come in the form of a violent customer, a potential fire hazard or an armed assault. What kind of stress can an untrained security guard handle? Can he make the right decision and take the correction action that will ensure the safety the people around him?

This is where training is most important because GPS trained security guards have fire watching and first aid training, and are trained to handle stressful situations.

Untrained security guards are a cheaper option, but they don’t guarantee the safety and security of your business, especially when it matters. If you want to hire trained security guards, get in touch with GPS Security in Calgary.


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