Difference Between Security Guard and Security Officer

April 5, 2019

Security Guard and Security Officer

‘Security guard or security officer – what’s the difference anyway!’ Most people think that a security guard and a security officer are two names for the same person, but the fact is – they have very different occupations. It is quite true that both of them share the same objective in their work – that is – to keep something or someone secure or protect it. But there is a huge difference with the use of these two terms to explain in the security industry. So here are some points to educate you with the difference between a security guard and a security officer.  

Security Guard

Security Officer

  • Authority level

Security guards have a lower rank than the security officers. They are usually under offices and work with the security officers for a streamlined operation.

A security officer manages the group of security guards in general. They commonly give orders and oversee the operations of the security guard.

  • Experience
A good security guard carries minimal experience compared to the security officer.

The security officers have several years of experience which plays an important role to guide the security guards.  

  • Responsibilities

Security guards are usually positioned at one location at stand guard. They, monitor an area, report suspicious activity, and provide information and guidance to the visitors at places such as museums, supermarkets, theatres, retail stores, and outdoor public events.

Unlike security guards, these officers are mobile and travel to various locations to check on the guards and ensure that everything is under control. They also work closely with the client to ensure that their security needs are met.  

  • Training
Security guards are regularly trained for client care, conflict resolution, risk management and awareness, and de-escalation techniques. They are required to acquire basic skills and pass entry-level IQ tests. They also have to complete annual induction training and adhere to the best practices of the safety guidelines.

The officers receive the same training as a security guard, but a thorough one. They go through additional training and complete a workshop that deals with the powers of arrest, bomb threat, evacuation procedures, and the use of the fire panels. These security officers are basically pooled from the ex-servicemen from the security and disciplined sectors.

  • Reporting Authority

A security guard is mostly put under the supervision of the security officer. They are supposed to report to the officer for the next level tasks and monitoring.

On the other hand, the security officers need to report only to the supervisor and the security company.

Now that you know the difference between these two terms, you can now decide which one to hire according to your needs. Whether you want a security guard or a security officer, you need to hire from the security professional from a reputed firm or organisation providing well-trained, professional, and licensed security staff.

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