Deal With a Home Invasion

March 6, 2015

Home Invasion is a very real threat in Edmonton, and it is something you should not ignore. A quick read of the paper and you’ll find numerous stories on home invasions. February has had quite a few home invasions that have even lead up to a death – couple bound and beaten, a man who wakes up to a home invasion and a man killed during home invasion.

At the end of the day, your home is the safest place to retreat to. However, home invasions threaten that safety and the lives of your loved ones.

This makes it vital for you to know how to protect your own life as well as the lives of your loved ones in case your home is ever invaded.

Be Prepared

The first step is to be prepared. Preparation does several things. You don’t waste time on trying to figure out what to do since you just have to follow the plan and have some sort of escape plan in mind.

Most importantly, being prepared builds your mental capabilities up so that you can deal with such a horrendous situation if it ever arises.

Don’t Panic

The first thing you need to do when you realize that a criminal has invaded your home is not to panic. Don’t scream just yet and do not make a sound. Chances are the criminal is not aware that you are at home, or he thinks you are asleep. It is vital that you stay calm, listen and try to answer two questions –

– How many of them are there?

– In which part of the house are they?

Call 911

The next step is to call 911. Ideally, you should have 911 on speed dial so you don’t even waste time calling the cops. If you don’t have your phone next to you, try and get to it without alerting the criminal.


After you have called the police, the next option is to escape. Get your family members together and try to get out of the house. However, you should only try this if you can do it without alerting the criminal.


If you can’t escape, then your next option is to hide. Hiding in the bathroom, closet or in the bedroom are good ideas. Any place where you can lock the room is a good hiding spot. It protects you, and unless the criminal is carrying a sledgehammer, chances are that he’s not going to break in.

Do Not Confront the Criminal

Whether you have a gun or a bat at home, do not try to confront the criminal. He could be armed and have violent tendencies. Confronting a criminal is very risky and chances are that you will be gravely injured. Avoid it and let the police handle it.


Ultimately, prevention is the best way to stay safe. Installing an alarm system is a highly recommended option. If ever your alarm is tripped, a security car will be immediately sent over.

Home invasions are deadly. Ensure that you are taking the right steps to prevent them and you are well-prepared if it ever happens to you.

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