Construction Site Security Systems to Consider

January 1, 2017


The theft of electrical components and equipment is of concern to those who own and operate construction sites. Construction sites are easy marks for thieves. Construction site security is important because most building sites are located in open areas and do not have the benefits of natural security of enclosing walls or a roof. It is necessary to invest in security systems to decrease the likelihood of falling prey to theft and vandalism on a construction site. Here are some construction site security systems you should be considering:

Fences and Locks

Though obvious, many construction sites fail to take the basic precautions against intrusion. Fences are relatively inexpensive and offer an indication to the outsiders that the area within is off limits. Although fences can be climbed up and can be cut off as well, they will at least provide an additional obstacle for any thief who may be eyeing upon the construction site.

For the onsite construction offices, basic locks are mandatory. They may be enough to prevent the theft of equipment and important data. You can choose to invest a little more in electronic locking mechanism. This can increase the overall security of your construction site significantly.


Alarms compel the intruders to drop all what they are doing and run away as quickly as possible. If you do not want to give the intruders an opportunity to run away, you can invest in silent alarms. The silent alarm informs the authorities directly without alarming the intruder. Most alarms come with motion sensors that effectively automate the process.

Video Monitoring

If you want to keep a watch on your construction site 24/7, video monitoring is must. Having video surveillance on construction sites creates a fear in the intruder. The intruder does not want to get caught and so will not complete the act.

Security Guards

Some construction site managers do not want to put the security of their property solely on security systems. They, therefore, hire professional security guards. These security guards provide an added layer of security by offering a human presence on-site. When hiring security guards, the construction site managers have to be very thorough. Hiring local guards will be fruitless. They may become bored and distracted during long shifts. Professional security guards on the other hand are trained and can handle any situation with ease.

These are the basic construction site security systems one should consider. There are many more things you can do to increase the security on your construction site, but without these basic systems, the construction equipment and other electrical components on-site may be at risk.

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