Why Community Involvement is Important for GPS Security

February 17, 2015

Any form of security that involves protecting the neighborhood, building or a store front, has to involve the community. The short explanation is that people are ultimately much better than electronic gadgets and that the community people are always there.

If GPS Security is going to protect any neighborhood or area in Calgary, it has to expand its efforts than just depend on electronic gadgets and GPS Patrols. The residents of a community are the ones who have the most presence in the neighborhood. Rarely do things occur without at least one of them noticing.

Constant Vigilance

If there is something odd occurring in the city, then it is the community members who will notice. There are two reasons for this. One is that they are most often there at the community neighborhood so few things escape their observation. Two, they recognize what is considered normal in the neighborhood like the neighbor’s brother opening his house as opposed to a stranger doing so.

Relationship with the Community

Building a relationship with the community is vital. This is a relationship that is based on trust. Why build a relationship with the local community? So we can learn.

Community members are attentive to what’s happening around and what constitutes as the usual and what is suspicious. The only way a GPS security guard at the ground level is able to learn this information is by interacting and creating a relationship built on trust. No person imparts information without knowing who the other person is.

Helping a Community start the Night Watch

A very effective way for a community to improve security in their area is to have a Night Watch. A Night Watch, as the name suggests, operates at night when criminal activity has the highest chance of occurring.

GPS Security helps a Night Watch have a clear organized structure so that there is an efficient and flexible rotation system for its members. Also, a plan is mapped out for the members on what they should do if they spot criminal activity. Staying out of sight, not confronting the criminals and calling the Calgary police and GPS Security Patrol are the priorities.

Personal Contacts

GPS Security will ultimately rely on personal contact within the community. This could be a community leader or a prominent personality or just a person willing to talk and share information with GPS Security guards. This is a vital part of developing a trustful relationship within the community.

Aboriginal People

GPS Security has collaborated with Aboriginal community and built a trustful relationship. This is a relationship between the North Eastern Alliance and GPS. In fact, a large number of GPS Security Guards are employed from the Aboriginal community.

Community involvement is something GPS Security can’t ignore. It helps us do our job in a better way.


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