Common misconceptions about security guards

August 3, 2018

security guards

Hiring security guards for any space is one of the best decisions people ever make. However, many business and commercial space owners refrain from hiring them because of the doubts they have in their mind related to the professional guards. Many different misconceptions exist about security guards that simply are not true. In this article, we will discuss some most common misconception about these professionals and bust them for you.

Security Guards are Lethargic

People often see things on television and start believing it. The kind of security guards depicted on television doesn’t practically exist. Most security guards aren’t lazy, they don’t sleep when on the job, and nor do they ignore the activities happening around them. When you hire security guards from a reliable company, they provide you with high-quality security. The guards are not only trained well but are also alert all the time to tackle any emergency situation.

Security Guards Cost a Lot

Another common misconception about security guards is that hiring them is an expensive affair. People feel that the cost of hiring security guards is so high that only the extremely wealthy can afford them. This isn’t completely true. The cost of hiring security guards depends on which security providers you opt for. The renowned and bigger names in the security industry generally charge more for their security guards. However, considering the kind of safety and security these professionals provide, the one-time cost of hiring the guards shouldn’t be a big concern.

Security Guards are Uneducated and Untrained

Many people have a belief that anyone can be hired to be a security guard. The security guards are uneducated and random people who look for security jobs.

The truth is the complete opposite of this belief. Security guards have to be licensed and to go through a certification and training program in order to legally operate. Their extensive training allows them to deal with a variety of situations and scenarios. Although guards are not police officers, they are trained to understand local laws and ordinances in order to keep a check on the crimes.

Single Type of Security Guards

Some people feel that there is only one type of security guards who stand outside the buildings and stores to protect the property. The fact is that there are different types of security guards who specialize in distinct security and safety areas. For instance, the fire watch security guards are specially trained to tackle fire outbreaks and mishaps and manage the crowd in case of a fire. Likewise, the first aid CPR security guards can provide instant medical assistance to adults in the property they look after

Unfortunately, security guards are often misunderstood due to various misconceptions. If you have been planning to hire security guards for a long time, you must talk to one of the renowned security companies and enquire everything about security guards. Clear all your doubts and only then hire the right kind of security for your property.


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