Security services for Your Commercial Building

February 15, 2017


Commercial buildings like offices, hospitals, schools, factories, research hubs, etc. contain a large amount of important information, objects, and valuables. And as we know, the more confidential information or important products a place has, the higher the chances of theft and other criminal break-ins. Hence, it is important to have commercial security services in place. Some of the important security services available for commercial buildings are:

Security Guards

The security guards are usually the first people to encounter an emergency situation or a criminal activity. A security guard can do several jobs than just protecting your commercial building. They can monitor the CCTV footage, handle reception area, assess potential criminals, maintain order, and most importantly, deter criminals.

Video Surveillance Systems

At times, security guards can miss out on various suspicious activities happening behind or far away from them, but an electronic eye captures and records everything. The CCTV cameras installed at different parts of the commercial building are connected to video monitoring center where the staff can monitor all the activities happening in and around the building. The recorded video clips can be viewed to identify the criminals in case the staff misses out on monitoring the crime. Also, the mere presence of CCTV cameras can deter criminals as they know the chances of them being caught are high.

Alarm Systems

The core function of these systems is to notify the concerned person or security agency about break-ins or emergency situations. A burglar alarm is the most commonly used system that has a motion detector and door sensor. These alarms ring loudly when an intruder tries to covertly break-in. Various types of alarm systems are available depending on the needs and purposes of people. Some are wireless alarm systems, monitored alarm systems, smoke alarm systems, critical alarm systems (for leaks or pipe bursts), and many more.

Access Control

The access control systems are very important commercial building security features. These systems allow only the registered visitors and staff inside the building and eliminate the intruder’s entry. You can install access systems at the main gate, near the elevator, at various doors, and other entry and access areas. The employees can use their badges to gain access as and when wanted. Visitors generally use the security guard’s or the visitor’s badge after thorough verification.

Fire and life safety

A lot of people are at the risk of a fire emergency in a commercial building. Rather than waiting for the fire brigade, you can have various fire-fighting features inside the building to cause minimum damage to the resources and people. Build enough emergency exits so that people can escape quickly. Make sure you have fire watch security guards, smoke detectors, water sprinklers, and fire extinguisher to estimate, avoid, and escape fire emergency.

Have you decided which services you must have for your commercial structure? Get in touch with our security specialists at GPS to understand the different types of security systems and get a quote of various Edmonton security services available. We provide security services for commercial buildings of all sizes and sectors, and help maintain a safe and comfortable environment for workers and visitors.


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