Causes Of A Fake Alarm

May 9, 2018

Alberta Security Company

There are several reasons to install a home alarm system. A security alarm immediately informs security authorities about situations so that they can take immediate corrective or preventive actions. However, there are times when a fake alarm is raised due to certain reasons. Apart from wasting a security authority’s time, you may have to pay a hefty fine in case of a fake alarm. Therefore, to ensure that no false alarms are raised, you should be aware of the causes of a fake alarm. Here are some reasons a false alarm is raised and how you can prevent them.

Human Errors

Human errors are considered to be the prime reason for a fake alarm. These human errors include:

  1. Improper handling of alarm panels.

  2. Children mistakenly raising the alarm.

  3. Failure to close all the doors and windows when the security alarm is on.

  4. Friends and family members unknowingly raising the alarm.

Make sure that all the doors and windows are secured properly so that they don’t raise a fake alarm. You can also ensure that the security alarms are placed at an unreachable location from children.

Improper Placement

Locating the alarm correctly is extremely important. If you place the security alarm that has smoke or heat detectors near your kitchen, then there are increased chances of a fake alarm being raised. Also, you should place the alarm at a location that is far away from unwanted dust since it could also be a cause of a false alarm.

Faulty Equipment

When buying a security alarm system, you should ensure that it works efficiently. When you buy faulty equipment, it can result in identifying random elements as a cause of raising the alarm. For example, a faulty glass-break sensor can consider breaking of dish or loud sound on the TV as a reason to raise the alarm. Therefore, make sure you buy an alarm system from a reliable security service provider.

Outdated Equipment

We often use security alarms for longer periods of time. If the system is not changed for a longer period, it becomes outdated and requires repairs and alterations so that it can work properly. You may have to either change the batteries or replace the alarm detectors. When we fail to do this, the outdated systems can cause a false alarm and result in unwanted attention of security authorities. To avoid this, you should ensure that all the outdated equipment is replaced. For this purpose, make sure you check the user manual when the alarm system needs to be replaced.

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, irregular maintenance schedule can also result in a fake alarm. Hence, you need to make sure that the maintenance of your alarms systems is done on time. You can contact a security company in Alberta as they can help you in installing the right type of security alarms and also assist with timely maintenance.


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