Canada’s Fight Against Terrorism

October 24, 2014

You cannot expect to stir up the hornet’s nest without getting stung. All terrorism is a fear tactic. Canada has been on the forefront in the war on terror. We have a presence in Afghanistan and are attacking ISIS.

The recent two lone wolf terror attacks on 20th and 22nd October show that Canada is not immune to terrorism. In fact, the attack on 22ndoccurred at the doorstep of the Parliament.

Intelligence Apparatus

Without good intelligence, Canada will have no idea how, where and when she will be hit. Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) is the premier intelligence agency of Canada. CSIS often appears in the news when a terror suspect is arrested, making intel announcements or holding press conferences.

CSIS is seen as a defense intelligence organization. It has strong ties with USA, UK and Australia’s intelligence agencies through which plenty of information is shared.

The National Strategy

When it comes to terrorism, Canada has a policy that highlights four things.

– Prevent: To stop the plan from ever seeing the light of day.

– Detect:Find out terrorists’ activities.

– Deny: Refuse to give the terrorist anyopportunities to execute their plans.

– Respond: Canada refuses to react to any terrorist activity. The policy is to respond with the appropriate force.

Tracking the threat in a City or Town

Police Service in every city is constantly tracking the possibility of an attack.

– Local Intelligence

A city requires a different set of apparatus that depends on informers who have access to the criminal channels that a policeman doesn’t. Informers include organized moles, security guards and even civilians who pass on information on suspicious activities. Local intelligence thus collected gives the police pre-incident indicators and allows them to be ready with a plan.

– Link with the Community

A city is dotted with plenty of communities. None of these communities want to be a victim of a terrorist attack. By having a good rapport with various communities and by having adequate representation, the police ensures that they have a strong relationship with all of them. This is vital because many terror plots are born within the closed doors of a community.

– Rapid Response

When an attack does occur, it is important for the city to respond as quickly as possible. A decision is better than no decision. Often, a police force will have their protocols in place which swing into action. For example, when Michael Zehaf-Bibeau attacked the Parliament, one of the police responses was to ensure that they weren’t any other gunmen in the area. This is a precaution come because of Nigeria’s Westgate Mall and Mumbai’s Taj Hotel styled attacks which featured a number of terrorist gunmen on a rampage.

What can you do?

You too can contribute in the fight against terrorism. The National Government and the City will do their best, but it’s impossible to be everywhere at once.

– Stay alert and always be vigilant of the things happening around you.

– Know your neighbors.

– Always keep an eye out for unusual requests or activity.

– Hire security to watch your neighborhood, school, gated community or office.

– Watch out for unusual behavior. It may sound like a plot from a movie, but a hidden terrorist exhibits unusual behavior before the attack.

– Notice suspicious bags. An unclaimed bag or someone forgetting their bag in the train or bus could very well be a ticking bomb.

Constant vigilance will help you create a safer environment!

Canada has come a long way from Ahmed Ressam, the Al Qaeda agent who lived in Canada over a decade without being detected. The security infrastructure is tighter and with your help, there can even be better intelligence.


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