What Can You Do To Survive a Terrorist Attack?

February 19, 2015

The Charlie Hebdo attacks have shown that planned and coordinated attacks have not gone out of trend. Being caught in such an attack can be terrifying and deadly. Previous such attacks around the world are 2011 Mumbai attack in India and 2013 Westgate mall attack in Nigeria.

The attack in France has once again proven that carefully planned attacks can slip under the radar of intelligence agencies. What if you were caught up in such an attack? What could you do?

Well, here’s a rundown of how you can survive a similar terror attack.

Stay Positive

The worst thing that can happen to you during a terror strike is that you are paralyzed and unable to make a decision, or you panic. Gunshots, dead bodies and screams can paralyze or push a person to give into panic and fear. Through that, you must find a way to stay positive.

It is vital you stay calm and positive. Panic is contagious and can easily set in when you hear people scream and see them running.Don’t let your senses overwhelm you. Repeating, “It’s going to be OK, I know what to do, I will be all right” can help.

What’s the Danger

Information can really help you make the right decision. While you shouldn’t actively seek it out, a quick look at what’s happening around you should give you two important details.

– Who are the shooters?

– Where are they?

Find the Exits

Your best chance of survival is to escape. Look around you and look for the nearest avenue of escape that is not in the direction of the terrorists.


Many victims die in such terror attacks because they find themselves pinned down or immobilized. You do not want to make yourself a target and get cornered with no way to run. As soon as the attack starts, just run to nearest and safest exits.Run far ahead so you don’t find yourself pinned down or cornered.

Use Cover

Cover has two uses – to conceal your presence and give protection from gun shots. If you know where the attacker is and where the exit is, notice the various covers you can use in-between to ensure you reach that exit. Pillars and walls are your best bet. In reality, tables and chairs are too thin to stop a bullet. Even more, beware of walls. A terrorist’s favorite weapon is the AK-47 along with 7.67mm caliber bullets that has enough power to punch through a wall. So whenever possible, stay 5 inches away from the wall.

Don’t upload your Location

During Mumbai attacks, people hid in rooms to avoid the firefighting. Many people posted their location on Twitter in the hope that will get rescued. Since this information was public, the terrorists were informed about it and went on to target these individuals.

No one wants to find themselves in such a situation ever, but if you do – these tips can help save your life.


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