How Can You Stop a Breaking And Entering?

February 19, 2015

Edmonton is one of the worst crime affected cities in Canada. In fact, some parts of the media have labeled the city as a Murder Capital. Almost 1,210 per 100,000 people in Edmonton are affected by crime. Alberta has one of the highest reported property crimes, breaking and entering and homicide rates in the country. Edmonton has a violent crime severity index of 95.8, which is significantly higher than the country’s average of 81.4.

It is important to be aware of where you’re staying as the neighborhood may be going through a spat of crimes, especially home invasions. Home invasions in Edmonton have been increasing and so has their violence.

So what can you do to prevent and stop a breaking and entering crime from happening to you?

Have Safe Habits

The best thing about habits is that you always do it without fail. How do you create a habit? By doing a particular thing every day over and over, until you don’t have to remind yourself to do it.

Safe habits basically help you create a safe environment for yourself. So what do safe habits entail?

– Closing the doors

– Locking the windows

– Shutting the garage – It has been found that most break-ins and home invasions occur because the garage door has been left open

– Switching on the outdoor lights in the evening

– Using the peephole before admitting people in the house

These are safe habits you should adopt.

Enhance your Home Security

By adding more security features at home, you can enhance the security.

Add a Security Door

A security door is a barrier between you and the visitor. This is a good way to check if the man is actually a delivery man.

Install an Electronic Lock

A professional criminal will have no problem in lock-picking through your mechanical lock. An electronic lock provides better security.

Alarm and Sensor System

An alarm and sensor system will protect your house whether you’re away from home or asleep in it. Depending on which alarm system you pick, you can install one that protects your perimeter or has sensors on your doors and windows.

If your houses experiences illegal entry, your security agency will be immediately alerted.

Loop your Family In

From picking up safe habits to enhancing home security, bring in your family. There is no point of locking the doors and windows if some family member is going to open it later. Bring in the whole family, or if you’re not living with a family, the other inhabitants you are living with.

Get them follow an acceptable security plan.

Keep Track of Crime

Ensure you are aware of the crimes that are happening around your neighborhood. This way you know what to be prepared for.

Know your Home

If ever a break-in does occur and you are at home, your best chance of survival is to know your home. This includes two major things – where you have kept your phone and where is the best place to hide.

You do not want to confront the criminal. He may be violent or even armed. A confrontation will put you in grave risk. Rather, you want to get to your phone and call the police.

The safest place to hide may be your attic or bathroom. The priority is to keep yourself, and any other person in the house safe, until the police arrive.

Break-ins and home invasions are no joke. A little preparation and precaution can go a long way to protect you and your home.


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