How Can You Raise Your Business Security Standards?

February 19, 2015

There is a whole community, city and nation that depends on the service of the police. Look out onto the street in Edmonton. Are there any police present?

No police force can be everywhere. The Edmonton force has limited numbers and has to restrict where their police officers can maintain a presence. Furthermore, police mostly arrive after a crime has taken place and not before.

How does this tie in with your business’s security?

If you are ever affected by crime, the police will come after the crime takes place.

So how can you improve security for your business?

Know your Employees

From the doorman to the cleaner to the other employees you hire – know who they are. What does this entail?

Verify their identify

You can do this by checking their SIN number.

Reference Check

No matter how trusting the employee seems, get a reference check done. Even if the person you are hiring is straight out of the educational system, at least speak to a teacher who knows them.

Criminal Check

Run their name and face through a criminal database.

Almost all robberies have inside help. You want to reduce the possibility of that happening by knowing your employees.

Tech Assist

There have been many technological developments that can improve security for your business. You just have to reach out and utilize them.


A good lock is the first line of protection for your business’s location, whether it is a store front or an office. Rather than having a traditional one, consider having an electronic lock. A swipe card or a fingerprint can act as a key. This way, your employees can freely enter the business location, while unknown people can’t.

Video Surveillance

Have eyes on all parts of your business location for 24 hours with video surveillance. By setting up cameras throughout your business location, you can observe the activities of your employees and customers. If you find any suspicious activity or spot a crime in progress like shoplifting – you have proof to back you up.

Additionally, because everyone is being watched, any person would think twice before committing a crime.

Alarm Sensor

Not at the office? Well, you can activate the alarm system. This way if someone breaks into your office, you, the Edmonton Police and your security service are immediately informed

Have Security Guards

Probably the best defense against criminals is to have security guards. By creating a strong presence of security guards, you send a message that your business takes security very seriously.

A security guard adapts to the various roles and jobs he is given – from ensuring only the right people enter, patrolling the business premise to deterring criminal elements.

Hire a Security Service

Hiring a security service is the best option when you want to improve your business’s security standards. They will:

– Run background checks on your employees and their own, ensuring they don’t have a criminal background.

– Set up and maintain the technological equipment.

– Provide security guards who blend in with your business rather than cause a disturbance.

GPS Security has been serving businesses in Edmonton for a long time and has a long list of satisfied customers. If you’re thinking of improving your business’s security standards, get in touch with us.


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