If a criminal thinks that your store is vulnerable, then it becomes a target. As a business or store owner in Calgary, you have to do your best to convince criminals that your business is not worth robbing.

Here’s what you can do.

Ensure its Well-Lit

A well-lit location always creates a perception that an area is safe. It makes criminals feel exposed and is also the first step to telling the world and criminals that you are invested in protecting your business. Lighting could be making sure the street outside your business and the inside of your property is well-lit.

Security Technology Solution

Technological solutions are the first line of defense that can protect your business.

– Surveillance System: Ensure that you always have eyes on the store 24 hours. A good surveillance system sends images and allows you to watch its feed even when you’re not in office. Plus, if a crime does occur, you have a recording of it.

– Alarm Sensors: How do you know if your business is being broken into if you’re not at the office? You can have sensors placed at the doors and windows. This way you and the Calgary police are immediately informed if your office is broken into.

– Keypad Locks: Don’t depend on a key and lock system for security. Keys can be duplicated, while locks can be picked open. A keypad can either use a security password, an ID card swipe or fingerprint scan.

Don’t Keep Things in the Open

You would hardly flash around cash in the open, so don’t do it at the office.

– Ensure your vital files are tucked away.

– Your money stash should be kept in a safe that is hidden.

Hire Security Guards

Security guards are an excellent deterrent to criminals.

– Secure Entry Points: You want to ensure that the right people are entering your office. Additionally, a security guard will stop any suspicious characters from entering in.

– Patrol: If your office is a large building, you can have several security guards patrol the building to ensure that everything is safe.

– Patrol Units: If you have several locations, a patrol unit in a car can drive to each of them and ensure they are secure.

Furthermore, technological solutions enhance the capability of a security guard. The Surveillance System can tell him of any wrongdoings without him seeing it. Using radio communication, he can coordinate with other security guards in the area and apprehend the culprit.

Having a good presence of security is also important. For example, after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, Paris had a large concentration of police on the streets to not just create a safe environment, but to also have a show of force to deter any person from trying anything.

Get a Security Agency

A security agency, like GPS Security, can do a lot for a business to ensure it is safe and prevent criminals from attacking it. You can access hi-tech security gadgets that have advanced capabilities and help build tight security plans for your business.

By taking such precautions, you can make a criminal think twice before he burglarizes your store or office in Calgary


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