What Can You Do To Improve Campus Security?

November 25, 2014

Every educational institute has a responsibility to provide a safe environment to their students. The larger your educational institute, the bigger the security risk. From violent crimes, sexual offenses, theft to drug usage, there are a host of security issues you face. The foremost among them is the safety of your students.

Here are a few tips to improve and tighten the security on campus.

Install a Mass Notification System

An informed student is a safe student. They know what to be aware of and in an emergency situation, they know what to do. It’s a good way to keep your students aware of any prevalent crimes and what to watch out. At the same time, when an emergency situation strikes in the form of a fire, natural disaster or an attack, your students are immediately informed of what they should do.

Informed of Emergency Numbers

Everyone should have access to the contact numbers of various on and off campus emergency services. These include the on-campus security and medical team. Emergency numbers should be plastered on all notification boards and your website.

This is important because by immediately contacting the right emergency service,a life can be saved or a crime can be stopped.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Want to stop a rampant drug problem, sexual offences or thefts? Nip them in the bud. The best way is to have a zero-tolerance policy. It is, no doubt, a harsh policy, but overtime, it will force students to think twice before indulging in wrong actions.

There can be no-second chances in a zero tolerance policy. It shows that it’s effective and students wouldn’t dare test it.

Track and Report Crime

Develop a system of tracking and reporting crime. This is vital for noticing patterns. For example, it may reveal that the drug usage in a particular part of the campus has increased. This way your security service can step up its efforts to battle it before it spreads to the rest of the institute.

Additionally, you create an official record of crimes that will come in handy.

Have Enough of Security Personnel during Events

From demonstrations, graduation day to pub night, these are events where the number of people on campus increases significantly. You need to have enough of security personnel for the most basic crowd control. Brawls, sexual assaults and violent crimes too can occur during large scale events. A strong presence of security discourages them.

Up-to-date Emergency Alarms and Plans

Ensure that your emergency alarms are working. You do not want a fire emergency on your hands simply because the smoke detector didn’t have new batteries.

As your campus grows and buildings undergo renovations, you want up-to-date emergency plans that will get students out safely.

Hire a Security Agency

Don’t get caught in the hassle of managing security when you have to focus on improving the quality of education. By hiring GPS Security, you handover your security problems to an agency that has the right experience and expertise to create a safe environment in your educational institute.


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