What Can Cause False Home Alarm

January 30, 2018

Home Alarms in Edmonton

Having proper security systems for your house is important to protect your home. For this purpose, you can consider installing home alarms to detect unwanted happenings in your house and then notify the security guards nearest to the area as well. However, there are chances when the alarm may ring without any mishap on account of several reasons. Some common reasons for false home alarms are discussed below.

false home alarm

Human Error

The most common cause of the false alarm is the human error. The alarm may be triggered due to negligence. For example, if you type in a wrong password to open the door several times, then the alarm will ring. Also, if you keep the door open after activating the alarm, it will be triggered. One needs to read the complete instruction manual carefully and then use the alarm system accordingly.

Low Batteries

The wireless alarm systems work on batteries. These batteries generally last for 2 to 5 years long depending on different types of batteries used. When the battery is about to die, the alarm gives an audible warning. Due to low battery, the current inside the alarm fluctuates, giving you a false alarm. Hence, it is advisable to change the battery as and when the alarm warns you about it.

Incorrect Installation

Incorrect installation is a major cause to trigger a false alarm. When installing, it is important to note that all the sensors and detectors are connected properly. If not, it can lead to false alarms as the system itself is not working properly. Read the manual carefully before installing the alarm. If there is still any confusion, call a professional from the company to help you install and use the alarm.

Pets in the House

If your pets move freely and play with the alarm system, then this can trigger the sensors of the alarm. Also, there are chances that your pet may push the door or window that is secured with an alarm. This can also lead to a false alarm. Hence, install an alarm that has pet-friendly sensors. Do not worry about motion detectors. These detectors are designed in such a way that they ignore the presence of pets.

Loose Windows and Doors

Alarms set for door and windows can be triggered if the door and windows are not closed properly. Loose windows will also allow the breeze to enter the house, triggering the motion detectors of the alarm system. Be sure to repair the loose door and windows before you set the alarm. This will prevent any false alarms.

Make sure you take into the consideration the above-mentioned points to prevent the false home alarm. Having home alarms Edmonton is very useful for security reasons. They help notify the alarm response security guards of any security breach and so, the security guards reach your place as soon as possible. If you want to secure your house from any danger, contact the leading security agency in Edmonton.


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