Camp Security Measures to Keep You Safe From Intruders

October 9, 2016


When you make a camping plan, you need to think about your camp security along with other prerequisites. Security is an important thing to consider and requires rotating guard shifts. You would not want to hire security services for providing camp security to you. In such a case, you could involve all of your group and ensure security.

Here are some basic camp security measures and techniques you must learn so that you keep intruders away:


You should never station a single member to watch over the camp. Guard posts should have at least two people. The job of the person on the guard post is to frisk any person who has arrived. The other person will keep a watch over the guard who is searching and frisking. He will also have to keep a watch on the surroundings to prevent anyone from sneaking.


A fixed guard position might put the camp security in danger. The guards must move around and hide themselves properly. If you are guarding the way to your campsite, you need to conceal your guard post so that anyone who arrives near your camp will not know that the road is under surveillance. Make sure you see the intruders before they see you.


You need to have a small group of people who will quietly move about the camp to prevent anyone from infiltrating. The patrolling habits need to change frequently. There might be someone keeping a watch on your camp. You should go a little farther from your camping area to check if your camping site is being watched. This will help keep away anyone who wants to do you harm.


This is an important part of camp security. There should be communication between the people guarding and the ones in the main camp. The guards should be able to warn the people in the camp about any approaching threat.

These are the basic techniques to keep intruders from entering your camp site. However, these measures are not full-proof. At times, situations might not be easy to control. It is, therefore, advisable to employ security services. They are well-trained in ensuring camp security and would be able to deal with any situations. Another advantage of having security services at your camping site is that you will be able to focus on your camping adventure without worrying about security.

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