Security Camera Tricks to Handle Extreme Canadian Cold

October 30, 2017

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Winter in most parts of Canada is devastating in several ways. Apart from people living in the country, the cold Canadian winters are bad for your gadgets too. For example, your home security system. Our Calgary security company often get queries about how to take care of their security cameras and protect them on extremely cold days. If you have this question too, we have listed a few helpful tips.

Install IP66 Camera

The best way to save your security camera from harsh winter is by installing a weather-resistant camera. Buy an IP66 camera for your home or office that can remain safe in harsh winter or summer or when there are gusty winds, and even during the rains. Cameras have an IP (Ingress Protection) rating ranging from IP00 to IP68. This rating represents protection against solid objects and liquids. IP66 is considered to be one of the sturdiest cameras that is able to withstand harsh weather conditions like snow, ice, rains, and winds.

Avoid Battery-Powered Camera

The battery of gadgets especially phones and security cameras don’t last during cold winter days. The batteries of these gadgets store chemical energy that converts into electrical energy when in use. Cold weather slows down this conversion process and results in less overall capacity. Hence, buy WiFi operated or wired cameras to avoid going out of batteries every now and then.

Weather-Proof Your Camera

If you already have a security camera and don’t want to spend buying a new one, this tip is for you. Purchase a waterproof casing or cover for your camera. This cover will protect your security camera from extreme weather conditions. However, the moisture inside the casing can ruin your camera. Therefore, put a packet of silica gel inside the casing so that it can absorb moisture from the space inside the casing.

Conceal Camera Wires

If you have a wired camera, you need to be a little more careful. The harsh Canadian cold can also affect your camera wires. Ice or snowfall can cut, tear, or even fray the wires. Hence, seal the security camera wires with a plastic sheet even before winter arrives.

Clean the Lens

Cold winter can be harmful to your security camera’s lens. Make sure you clean the camera lens before winter approaches. Clean the lens with a soft cloth or a microfiber. For tougher stains and dirt, use a camera lens cleaning fluid that you can get in any electronic or camera store. Also, try to get out in the winter and clean the lens say every 2-3 weeks.

If you are looking to buy IP66 security cameras and the best security systems for your home or office, you can contact our Calgary security company. We provide complete safety and security services for residential and commercial properties across Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer.


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