Which Businesses Have a High Risk of Burglary?

February 17, 2015

For a criminal, there is a difference between a Bakery Store and a Grocery store. A grocery store always holds more money than a bakery. That is not to say, a bakery store does not have a risk, but given an option, a criminal will choose a grocery store.

Store-front businesses in Calgary always run the chance of being robbed.

So, what are the other businesses that have a high risk of being burglarized?

Retail Businesses with Large Windows

Any store-front business has a certain risk of being robbed, but ones with large windows are popular for one reason.

Large windows give a big purview for the criminal to watch what happens in the store. This is vital information that a criminal can utilize. He knows what’s happening inside, where the money is kept, where are the products he wants to steal, any surveillance you may have, etc.

Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical Business

Prescription drug abuse and drug addiction is a massive problem in Alberta. Almost 90% reported misusing at least one prescription drugin the past. Because your business is a medical, dental or pharmaceutical business, it could be targeted by desperate drug addicts.

Stores Connected With an Adjoining Business or Building

How is the security of the adjoining business? A criminal could attempt to break into the adjoining business and from there enter yours.

Retail Store-Selling Equipment

Equipment could range from computer electronics to household gadgets to even furniture. A well-organized group of criminals can walk into your store, put everything in a van and have it sold on the black market the very next day. These are criminals who know that they are guaranteed a good robbery because of your equipment.

24 Hours Stores

Night time is quite a dangerous time for any store to remain open. Night tends to bring out criminals and the police are not working at their top function.

Money exchange

While banks have tight security, money exchange centers do not; last December’s robbery and murder proved that.

So what can you do to improve the security of your business?

– Surveillance System

Video monitoring is the most basic and effective way you can start to improve security. These deter criminals and if they do try something, they’re caught on camera.

– Alarms

Set up alarms that alert the police when you are broken into. Sensor alarms are good when you shut the store at the end of the day.

– Security Guard

A security guard is a much better deterrent than a camera. If you have a business community, you can even get the security guard patrol to ensure all stores are safe.

– Security Service

For best protection, hire a security service. That way, you’ll get access to a host of features.

You never know when your Calgary business may be targeted by criminals, but if it ever does happen, you’ll be glad you took the right steps to improve security.


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