July 20, 2019

Treating patients seems to be the only concern for hospitals these days. To protect the patients, visitors, and staff, hospitals must take extra efforts to anticipate and prepare for security threats. It is important to have security services in a healthcare facility. Hospitals are vulnerable to crime and violence from patients, visitors, and sometimes, from their … Continue reading “3 Security Threats in a Healthcare Institution”

July 11, 2019

There are many individuals who undergo training and apply for a Guard Card. This card functions as a permit for them to work as security guards for complexes, malls, commercial offices, etc. When companies hire security guards, there are a couple of questions that must be asked to be sure of the kind of guards … Continue reading “5 Questions To Ask a Security Guard While Hiring”

July 8, 2019

During an on-going construction project, site workers and labours take care of the expensive mobile equipment, tools, and raw materials. But after their shift ends, these valuable items are left unattended, creating an attractive target for thieves and vandals. Some of the most valuable equipment that is at high risk of theft include construction materials, … Continue reading “How To Secure Your Construction Site”

July 4, 2019

If you run or manage a jewellery store in Edmonton, this is for you. Is your store secure with the right retail security measures? No? Sadly, you have put the assets worth millions of dollars at stake. With the increasing rate of crimes, your jewellery store may be the next target for burglars and vandals. … Continue reading “How Does Retail Security Benefit Jewellery Stores?”

July 2, 2019

Supermarkets are a large retail area where shoppers are found in big numbers. Creating a security plan for preventing mishaps at the supermarket is beneficial. Here are seven reasons why a supermarket must consider opting for retail security. 1. Firm your grip on shoplifters The biggest concern of shoplifting in a supermarket can be curbed … Continue reading “7 Reasons to Have a Retail Security in Supermarket”

June 24, 2019

Security cameras improve business security as it prevents crimes and other thefts. It is important to install security cameras in a commercial building. But sometimes, people do not know where to install the security cameras when they newly move into a premise or think about securing their property. They place it in the wrong place, and … Continue reading “5 Places in a Building Where You Should Install Security Cameras”

June 24, 2019

A massive fire can occur due to several reasons. Carelessness and poor awareness to control fire outbreaks are the main reasons that lead to enormous fire disasters. Some more reasons are an electrical short circuit, careless use of inflammable products and materials, smoking near highly reactive areas, kitchen failures, etc. It often happens that natural … Continue reading “Do Hotels Need Fire Watch Security”

June 18, 2019

The top priority of every restaurant is the safety of the customers. Without proper security, no one would visit the restaurant. Most importantly, no one would feel safe. So here are some security systems which have been proved useful for every fast food restaurant, and the ones that you MUST have in your restaurant. Video and … Continue reading “Security Tips for Fast Food Restaurants”

June 17, 2019

As an event planning company, you already have a lot on your shoulders on the final day. There are so many things to keep a check on; you hope that the event is at least safe and secure. The last thing you’d want to worry about is a fault in the security system. Here are … Continue reading “Signs You Chose The Wrong Event Security”

June 14, 2019

We all know that a security guard employed on a property protects people’s belongings and keeps unnecessary people away. But some security guards are specially trained to tackle health-related, especially heart-related emergencies. These guards are called first aid and CPR security guards. Let us look at where these cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) guards should be employed. 1) … Continue reading “4 Places Where CPR Security Guards Can Be Employed”

June 12, 2019

When you run a retail business with stocks worth a million dollar, you rely considerably on security systems installed in and around your store and also the security guard appointed to look after your store’s safety. One standing guard would either get hurt or obligated to save your life. Moving security personnel, on the other hand, … Continue reading “Why Do You Need a Mobile Patrol Service Around Your Retail Store?”

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