Better Security after a Fire for Strathcona County

October 21, 2014

GPS Security is now providing security services to the Municipality of Strathcona. This means that in case the Strathcona County Municipality experiences a fire or any sort of emergency, GPS Security will be second on the scene, after the firefighters. Our security guards will help the firefighters keep civilians safely out of danger and ensure that the firefighters have all the support they need to do their job properly. A fire can happen anytime due to negligence or poor maintenance and it can happen to anyone. Strathcona County Municipality has contracted GPS Security so that in the event of an emergency, they can be rest assured of their building’s safety while the Council deals with more important issues at hand. Additionally, once the fire or emergency has ceased, we stay on to protect the Municipality. What do we do? – Keep Civilians Safe Until, the structure is repaired, it is still a dangerous place to walk through. Footboards maybe lose and just waiting to collapse with enough weight. GPSSecurity is responsible for stretching the ‘Fire Line – Do Not Cross’ tape across the area. If civilians do wish to enter the Municipality, we ensure that they are accompanied by a professional. Plus, the Municipality will be under investigation after the fire in an attempt to pinpoint the cause of the fire. For this, the area affected by fire can’t be disturbed at all. – Keep the Municipality Safe Buildings that are affected by fires are usually vacated until the repair work starts. During that time, the Municipality could become a favored target among vandals. This is not a good thing. Vandals will try to steal items from the Municipality, usually anything that they can sell like chairs, desks, computers, etc. Also, vandals are known to cause a location more damage by breaking things and spraying graffiti. GPS Security stays on for 2 weeks after the incident, waiting for the fire investigation to get over. They stay on even after the property is handed over to the Restoration Company in order to maintain security. But it’s not just fires that GPS Security will protect the Municipality against. GPS Security will provide immediate response and action for any emergency situation (e.g. flooding, natural disasters, etc.). This provides Strathcona County Municipality the security their building needs so they can focus on other important matters.

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