Best Ways To Protect Your Foreclosed Properties (Calgary Specific)

November 25, 2014

Calgary has a huge business of foreclosed homes. Security should be a big concern if you are managing its sale, hoping to repossesses it or looking for a good real estate deal. Because of the extreme lack of security and inhabitants in a foreclosed home, it becomes an easy target for thieves and vandals.

It can get worse if the foreclosed home becomes a crack den, a home for squatters or a hideout for criminal elements. This happens because of lax security. The Calgary Police are stretched too thin to tackle crime in abandoned houses.

When such a thing happens to a foreclosed home, it not only discourages any home buyers who wish to purchase it, but also any property developers too. It can even result in the real estate prices falling in the neighborhood – not good if you’re hoping to make a sale. If you are a financial institute, then, you should be very concerned in improving the security so such criminal activities do not happen at any foreclosed home in Calgary.

Security Options

You have a wide array of security options to protect foreclosed property.

– Security Guards

You can hire security guards who will watch over the foreclosed home and ensure that no criminal activity is taking place. The presence of a security guard itself will act as a deterrent to any criminal who wishes to rob or live in the home.

You can have security guards stationed at a residential complex, single family home or a condo.

– Patrol Car

If you have several foreclosed properties in Calgary, a patrol car would be better idea. They will drive to all your properties and ensure that they are free of criminal elements and have not been vandalized. Security guards will thoroughly check the property by checking all the doors and windows.

– Surveillance

You also have the option of utilizing technology to ensure 24×7 surveillance on all the properties. A trained security guard can keep track of the feed to watch out for thefts. You can add alarms and sensors to the foreclosed property so you are aware when they are being broken into and your security agency can act.

Along with surveillance, a patrol unit can be called if the security guard notices suspicious activity occurring.

– Fire Watch

Arson is a particular trait found with most vandals. Security guards are trained to notice, act and prevent any such threatening action. Additionally, if ever a foreclosed property does get affected by fire, security guards provide the needed support for Calgary Fire personnel to put it out and investigate by cordoning off the area.

Bottom line is that foreclosed homes are easy targets and need a good security service to protect them. Calgary experiences a property crime rate of 3,177 per 100,000. A good security agency is vital if you want to recover your payments.


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