Best Places To Conceal Your Valuables

May 2, 2016

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Making your valuables difficult to find rather than hiding them is the key to keeping them safe. Whether you’re hiding valuables from burglars or secret documents from an enemy, here are some safest home hiding spots anyone can use to ensure security at home.

Knock out the obvious

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When a burglary occurs, the robbers are in a hurry because they want to get away quick instead of staying in longer and increasing their chances of being caught. The first room burglars would likely search is the master bedroom, as it is generally the place to keep jewellery, cash and other valuables. The burglars will target the other areas such as the home office and living room to take away home electronics that are easy to carry. That leaves the kitchen, bathrooms, hallways and the laundry room as the safest home hiding spots.

Use children’s room

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Kid’s room is full of toys and knickknacks that no burglar is interested in. In most of the robbers, burglars don’t look in children’s room for the loot as these rooms are messy, filled with toys and are often kept unorganised. The kid’s room is therefore the one of the best rooms for hiding valuables at home.

Hollowed-out books


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Burglars are often uneducated, which is why they have no interest in books and have turned to crime in order to sustain their living. They tend to have a phobia of books. But if you have only a few books on the bookshelf, it might serve as a clue that they’re actually a place for hiding valuables at home, so make sure that your library is huge enough to serve as a difficult place to search.

Feminine hygiene boxes

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Most people don’t look in a feminine napkin or tampon boxes and some don’t even grab them from a store for their lady. Hence, this is an ideal place to hide jewellery or cash. Make sure that the box is filled with actual products and the valuables are safely put away in the midst. Feminine hygiene boxes could, therefore, be one of the safest home hiding spots.

Other precautions

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To ensure security at home for valuables that cannot be hidden or locked up, such as home electronics and appliances, make sure that they’re insured. Unless you invest in a home security system, it will not be possible to secure all the items in your house.

It’s important to note that robbery is a crime of chance and opportunity, so don’t tempt fate by leaving any outside doors unlocked or hiding a spare house key outdoors under the mat, a potted plant or statuary.

Also, it is very important to not over-share personal information with the world by updating your absence from home on a social media. When going out on a vacation, ensure you have an alarm system in place. And go head and stick security company stickers to your doors and windows to display that your home is electronically protected, even if it’s not.


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