Awesome Equipment That Only Security Guards Carries

November 25, 2014

Being aware of the equipment your security guard carries helps in knowing your security better. They have a huge responsibility to undertake as many businesses, camps, hotels and residential buildings depend on them as the first line of defense. They are not there as a replacement for the police, but to provide the best security that they can, in terms of stopping conflicts and preventing criminal events from occurring.

To fulfill their role properly, they rely on good equipment to help out on the job.

The Right Footwear

A security guard does not need combat boots because he is not trekking through tough terrain. What he needs is the right shoes for the job. Being a security guard at a mall is quite different from the requirements at a residential building. At the mall, he requires good walking shoes that can take him about the mall swiftly. At a residential building, he is required to stand a lot at the gate and check the people entering.

The right footwear also ensures that the security guard carries the right level of professionalism. Would you take your security guard seriously if he wore furry slippers?

The Uniform

The security guard has to be identifiable by others as a security guard. This is done by the uniform. A good uniform not just help a security guard standout, but is comfortable for the wearer. The security guard has to be in it the whole day and it can’t hamper his movement in any way.

Walkie –Talkie

If it is a large location with several security personnel on-site, a walkie-talkie is a fantastic tool which helps better coordination between the security guards and the control room. A guard watching the security cameras can’t leave his post, however, he can communicate with the patrolling guard to take a look at any suspicious activity he might have caught on camera.

The Flashlight

The Flashlight – Ben Stiller’s favorite weapon in the movie Night at the Museum is a security guard’s best tool. It is not used only at night, but to check on those dark notches and corners.

It comes pretty handy when the office is closed and the lights are off or if he has to patrol the outlying areas of the property which are not well lit.

Pepper Spray

You will rarely find a security guard carrying a weapon, but if they do, it will be in the form of a pepper spray. It is usually in cases where the location has already experienced some rough trouble.

A Tool Belt

Don’t expect a security guard to hold a flashlight in his hand continuously and a pepper spray in his pocket, it is not convenient. A tool belt helps a security guard carry the weight easily, plus it provides better accessibility. A tool belt is also a great place to hang the keys.

Ultimately, the equipment provided depends on the security service hired. At GPS Security, we ensure that our guards have all the necessary equipment to fulfill their job best.

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