Are dogs enough for home security?

October 29, 2016

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You think you don’t need home security systems because you have a dog? Do you think that your dog will guard your property and valuables in the same way just like the professional security systems do 24/7? Well, we think you should reconsider. While dogs are great for companionship and protection, you cannot count on them for complete security of your home.

Having a dog will help deter a burglar but it is not as effective as other security systems. The reasons why dogs are not enough for home security are:

A burglar may anticipate or kill the dog

Burglars consider dogs a susceptible possession along with the other things in your home. If a burglar decides to break into your house and there is no other security apart from your dog, the burglar may kill the dog to make an entry in your home.

You may take your dog along on a vacation

Most homeowners take their pets along on a vacation. If you rely on your dog for the protection of your house, the security of your home will be in danger in this scenario. Security systems on the other hand, work 24/7. You do not take them along with you on vacations and they can keep protecting your home even when you are away.

Untrained dogs make poor guard dogs

If your dog is not professionally trained to guard your home, it will be useless to rely on him for the security of your home. Most house-dogs come across many people on a daily basis as there are constant visitors visiting their homes. In such cases, dogs can be easily tricked by burglars who may know how to deal with untrained dogs. Thus, it is not a good strategy to rely on your untrained pet dog to safeguard your home from unwanted visitors.

A dog won’t alert the police

monitored home security system or a security guard in place means that immediate action will be taken. A dog can’t do anything more than barking at the intruder. Instead, if you have a security guard, he will be able to make a call to the police and get help.

After reading this, do you still think your home is safe under the surveillance of your dog? No, right? So, it’s time for you to get professional video monitoring and alarm systems installed in your home. For additional security, you can think of having a security guard. However, do not appoint any local man to guard your home, hiring a professional security guard will be beneficial.

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