Are All Security Cameras Same

March 31, 2015

If you are considering installing security cameras for the first time, then asking are all security cameras same might sound like a right question and actually it is really popular question that novice to the home security systems ask. Certainly, in theory every home security camera should be similar, as it plays the same role of monitoring suspicious actions. But in reality, there are numerous types of home security cameras suitable for a specific job. Here we are listing some of the popular camera types you can find when working with reputed security companies.

Wireless home security cameras: These are the latest trend today. As compared to those old hardwired cameras, these are easy to install and maintain. However, some people suggest that hardwired home security cameras are more reliable, because wireless cameras can be interfered easily. As far as pricing is concerned, wireless cameras are more costly. But the maintenance is easy and you don’t have to break the walls or flooring in order to repair them, unlike hardwired models.

Spy/hidden home security cameras: Even though lots of individuals opt for larger cameras that can be more easily seen. In order to scare thieves away. Others opt for more confidential approach to keep a watch on activities. Usually spy or hidden cameras are used in businesses and organizations.

Indoor/outdoor home security cameras: The indoor and outdoor security cameras usually differ in the size. Also, the outdoor cameras are made with vandal resistance and protection from atmospheric conditions. They are also more visible in order to scare off thieves from a distance that this property is well protected.

Night vision home security cameras: As name suggests, these cameras are made to protect your home at night as they capable of monitoring everything even in dark. During day, they work like normal cameras providing quality color video but as the lights drops below a particular set amount, it automatically switches on its infrared mode.

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