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September 10, 2014

You cannot have eyes everywhere. Whether you are the store owner, a college campus head or a bank manager, the buck stops at you. You are the one responsible for security. It is too much to ask a human to keep an eye on everything that is going on. The site is too big for you to be everywhere and watch over everything. This is why cameras are a good option. Setting up your own system of security cameras is not easy. Can you imagine yourself buying a few handy cams and placing them around the store? It is not as simple as that.

What you need are professionals who have the equipment, knowledge and skills to set up the perfect camera system to your needs.

Why do you need a video surveillance system?

– Burglary

A video camera will make a person think twice before walking into your place and robbing you. Not only that, if the burglar still does attempt it, you will have valuable data which the investigator can use to track him down.

– Vandalism

There will always be those troublesome kids who want to break things and graffiti the wall. Now, you can catch them in the act.

– Documented Video

You never know when a documented video will come in handy for an insurance claim or settling a fight at the institute.

Power Access

You don’t always have to be sitting in front of the screen to watch the on-goings at your store or campus.

– Live Remote Feed

You can access the live video feed on your laptop or any other portable device as long as you have access to an internet or 4G network.


– Receive SMS or Emails

You can easily program the video surveillance system to send your images through an SMS or email.


– Storing the Video Memory

The video memory can be saved in a SD or memory card for later access.

Our Remote Video monitoring is perfect for your needs. It is a powerful remote monitoring solution with a camera and video server built in.

Staying with the Legalities

Most people aren’t aware of it, but Canada does have laws on video surveillance. This is because cameras touch upon the sensitive issue of privacy. Those with audio recording capabilities have the potential to record private conversations and phone calls.

We are quite aware of these rules and ensure that your video surveillance system is keep within the legal boundaries.

– Visible Cameras: The cameras themselves are not hidden and are quite visible.

– Surveillance Signs: Every area which is under observation by video cameras has clear signs of ‘This area is under surveillance’ so that every person is aware of it.

Additionally, we have a local video monitoring station that helps serve our clients on the ground. Video surveillance is the perfect way to help create an air-tight security for your needs. You can always review videos and identify misbehaviour.


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