How Alarm Response Systems And Surveillance Cameras Save Lives?

May 12, 2017


Nowadays almost all houses, small businesses, banks, and universities have a sophisticated security program. They avail security services from various security system service providers in Edmonton. Alarm response systems and surveillance cameras are commonly used by people in Edmonton. These Edmonton security systems secure the assets of customers and provide peace of mind to them.

What is the Alarm Response System?

These are security systems that guard your property against unwanted intruders, burglars, emergencies, natural disasters etc. When the alarm is triggered the alarm response security guards arrive at your doorstep in no time. The security guards have a GPS mapping device that allows them to reach the location where the alarm is recorded. Alarm response systems work even in the absence of people in the property. The systems are programmed in a way that it can alert the patrolling security guard when an unidentified person tries to enter your property.

How Does it Save Lives?

Alarm response systems function 24/7. It is continuously being monitored by security guards so that you can carry on with your day to day work freely. When an alarm is triggered, the guards closest to the property are dispatched to the location. This way they tackle with all possible criminal activities.

The security guards are specially trained to handle all kinds of situations, including plumbing, electrical fires, intruders etc. They can combat violent situations as well.

What Are Video Monitoring Systems?

Almost all the wrongdoing is done when the culprit knows that he is not being watched. Video monitoring systems have completely changed the game. How many people will dare to commit a crime knowing that they are being watched? Video monitoring systems are installed in a way that anyone who intends to cross the line knows that he is being watched and can be caught if something goes wrong. Today most businesses and houses have installed video monitoring systems. It is an inherent part of all security systems in Edmonton.

How Does it Deter Crime?

Video monitoring systems create fear in the minds of criminals. They would think twice before committing a crime. It induces the perception of safety among citizens, allowing them to roam the streets freely. Another advantage of the video monitoring system is that it can monitor multiple places at the same time, so you don’t need a security guard in every room or corner. Police forces can freely patrol in other areas while the video monitoring systems are on.

Video monitoring systems can be useful for homes as well. They prevent burglaries to a great extent. You can also monitor live video feed on your smartphone using the feature ‘remote cam’. You can receive security alerts on your phone using this feature.

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