Advantage of a Surveillance System

May 30, 2015

What gives you the best security in the market when it comes to protecting your business and homes from all the possibilities of threats? If you have guessed security guards, then you might be right, but to a very limited extent. In today’s scenario, you just cannot depend on a single source of protection and you need to be sure of taking the help of the latest technological tools that are available in the market to safeguard your family and business alike. The best way to secure the premises is by the help of the video monitoring services. There are many advantage of a surveillance system and using the latest technology that is on offer, you can be sure of giving your family the best security you can lay your hands on. The CCTV cameras not only ensure that you have a constant watch at every activity that is going around in the house and at your premises, but it also alerts you in case of any attempt that is made to enter the house and thus saves you from every possibility of the risks.

Once you have installed the cameras around the house, then you get the live feed at a central location. You can even see what is going around your business or home on your tablet or Smartphone using the dedicated application. Here are some advantages of a Surveillance System.

  1. Clear Images

The live feed that you get from the CCTV cameras is clear and you can instantly recognize the face of the person who is visiting your home. The cameras have high pixel resolution and they give you high definition recording giving you crystal clear images at all times. It makes you cut down the number of cameras that you require as the wide lens camera can show you the entire lawn from the corner placement.

  1. Anywhere Access

You can see the images as well as the live video from the camera from anywhere. All you have to do is to get the dedicated application to your I-pad or smart phone and you can then keep a tab on all the activities even when you are on the go. This gives you greater control and you can have a watchful eye at your home when you are on holidays.

  1. Wireless Configuration

The latest technology that is on offer gives you an option to configure the cameras around the house wirelessly. This way, you don’t have to drill any holes to your walls for the entire wiring and can place the camera at any place you want and like. This gives you additional advantage in the placement as you can keep them hidden from the people.

  1. Motion Sensors

The cameras can be rigged to the motion sensors and any attempt to breach the property using the windows or doors will trigger the alarm and the CCTV cameras will record the entire footage of the intruder.

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