Aboriginal Security Guard Services: How to Safeguard Your Campus

May 30, 2015

Campus is a place that is very much prone to the breaches. If you don’t have trained security guards at your gates, then you may face a lot of heat from the outsiders. Unless the campus is having the right security measurements, the administration cannot be sure of the potential risks and the vulnerabilities. You cannot assume, when it comes to the security of the campus and you need to be aware of all the possibilities that may happen without the security. Campus houses many students and professors and you have to be secured in your approach from several perspective. An effective security will involve the use of trained guards at the campus along with the right use of technological equipments, giving you security from every front. You also need to have right policies and planning to ensure that safety requirements are met all the times. Aboriginal Security Guard Services suggest you to have all the right components of the security measures checked to promote the safety across campus. Here are some steps that every campus must take in order to stay safe and secure.

  1. The campus should have a security system that is assessed once in every two years to ensure it is having all the right equipments and measures. Over the period of time, the strength of the campus increases in terms of students and the premises also take bigger shape. In order to secure the acquired area, you need to make significant changes in the security too.
  1. There should be a proper entry and exit point at the campus and they should be guarded by a guard on duty.
  1. The right mix of physical and technological security should be used to deter crime at every possible way.
  1. There should be an automatic door lock at the man entry points.
  1. The security guards at the gates must be there 24/7. If the campus is also having a hostel in the premises, then you need to have a security guard all the time.
  1. The students must be educated about the safety measurements and a drill should be organised once in every month to ensure everybody at the campus knows an exit plan in case of emergency. Safety drills include vacating the area in case of fire and all the exit points are used to get quick exit to the nearest safety location.
  1. Having a guard at all the times ensures the safety of the premises. When you see someone standing at the gates, you get a clear message that the place is serious about the security.
  1. Guards also keep a check on the other security equipments like CCTV cameras. There is a centralized location at the campus and monitoring of the security can be done by the guards using a location.

For the best security, it is highly recommended that you take the help from the Security Guard Services, that has years of experience and gives you all the security measures that you require.

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