7 Times to Change Your Lock

March 9, 2016

Office Lock

Locks are a simple and effective way to boost your office security. Owing to the number of people that have access to an office space regularly, changing the locks is a must for maintaining security. These are the various situations that call for a change of locks.

  • Moving into new space Moving into a new office or home? First discard all the previous locks. You cannot know the entire list of people who had access to this space previously. Thus, it is best to replace these locks entirely with new ones.
  • Losing your keys Lost your keys and can’t remember where? The misplaced key may be recovered by anybody. This can compromise your business security. Replace the locks with new ones to avoid this risk.
  • Lent keys to servicemen Office renovation requires you to hand over a spare set of keys to the worker in charge. Once the work is done ensure to get your keys back. If you haven’t, you should consider replacing your locks. While this is a minor risk, it is a risk nonetheless.
  • Abuse of access Workspaces may be closed for a prolonged duration for whatever reason. During this time, this space may be used by employees for recreation. Change the locks to the office space in order to avoid employees from making the workplace their den.

Sacked an employee who had access to the office keys? Replace your locks and be safe rather than count on the goodwill of that former employee.

  • Worn out locks Worn out locks are not only a security risk but also a safety risk. You may find yourself locked in your own office. Avoid such embarrassing circumstances by changing worn out locks with new ones.
  • A step ahead Had an attempted break-in but the criminals couldn’t crack your locks? Best to replace them with new ones in case they decide to give it another try.
  • Service employees Service employees and workmen in your company will generally have access to sensitive areas. Ensure that they return the keys to these areas once their day’s work is complete. If you find a key missing from the inventory, then it is best to replace the locks. Insurance usually doesn’t cover you for theft if it committed using the office key.

Replacing your locks every few years is a security measure that you should take. Rekeying can be a cheaper alternative to changing your locks. The technology involved in manufacturing lock has undergone changes over the years. Ensure that the locks that you use are of good quality and latest technology.

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