7 Latest Electronic Security Systems for Homes

November 8, 2018

security system for homes

Do you think you don’t need any security systems for your home? Think again. Annually about 1 out of 28 houses are burglarized in Canada. Don’t let your home be a sitting duck for the ill-intentioned criminals. You must take proactive steps and get the necessary home alarm systems installed in your house. You can bank upon the latest state of the art electronic security systems to metamorphize your house into an impenetrable castle.

Smart Video Doorbells

Are you afraid of strangers knocking at your door? This state-of-the-art technology lets you check the visitor at your door. It also enables you to ask the visitor his purpose using a microphone and a speaker. Instead of getting a nasty surprise from a burglar, you can surprise the intruder (in case of a suspicion) with police vehicle sirens zeroing on him. All you need to do is to make a call to the nearest police station or emergency numbers. You can also link up the alarms to a professional security service provider.

The smart video doorbells also let you to welcome the visitor. It allows you to switch the lights on the entrance and open the door.

Smart Lock Systems

Do you often forget your keys? How about a door which you can operate via your mobile? So now you don’t have to worry about the keys. You can also open the door for your guests even if you are miles away.

Monitoring Systems

Do you want to monitor your house even in your absence? How about receiving notifications of every movement in the house on your mobile? Isn’t that cool? The automatic home monitoring systems keep track of every movement in the specified region. It also automates the electronics of your house. So now you can control lights, electronics and other appliances from your cell phone. As a safety feature, it also monitors smoke and carbon monoxide levels for you.

Night Vision Camera

Your home is probably most vulnerable in the dark. Night vision cameras won’t break your bank. Install the cameras and secure your home today.

Garage Door Controller

Are you worried about your Porsche when you are out of town? Calm down; you would get notification alerts whenever the garage door opens. Also, you can open and close the garage doors by just pushing the buttons on your mobile.

Window Sensors

Make sure no one is peeking or jumping through your windows. You can check the status of your window online.

Biometric Locks

Forget the keys. Now open your locks just like you unlock your mobiles using your fingerprints. So, your doors can be opened only by you.

Instead of panicking at the thought of robbers breaking into your house, use the latest home alarm systems to secure your abode as depicted in the movie – Panic Room. Do you reside in Alberta? If yes, then call GPS Security Group to get the latest home alarm systems installed on your property.


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