6 Reasons You Should Have a Mall Security Guard

January 6, 2015

A mall has become the place for many people to gather. People come for a wide variety of reasons shopping, hanging out or to grab a bite at the mall’s restaurant floor. The management is responsible for everything that happens at the mall. The buck stops at them, and security and safety of people and property is one the things the management is expected to provide.

The best way to provide a secure and safe environment for your customers is to hire a security agency and get trained security guards. Here’s why.

1. Visual Deterrent

By just having a security guard present, you will be able to deter criminals. People will think twice before performing a crime or starting a fight because there is a guard on hand who might catch them. This way, you are able to curb problems even before they start.

2. Restrict Access

One of the best ways to ensure safety of the mall is to prevent suspicious characters from entering. You wouldn’t want a band of drunks to enter your mall? Well, a security guard at your entrance won’t allow them. Additionally, in this day and age, you have to have some form of security checkup to make sure no person is armed when entering the mall.

3. Enforce Mall Rules

It’s all well and good to create mall rules to ensure that no one is unconvinced, but you have to have someone to enforce them. Your mall security guard is the person to do that. He prevents people from conducting public drinking, smoking and keeps up the mall’s No Pet Policy.

4. Public Relations Person

Expect the mall’s security guard to double up as a public relations person. This is because he is the most prominent mall employee inside. Whether it is a customer coming with a complaint, parents searching for a lost child or apprehending some troublemakers, your security guard creates an image for the mall.

Security guards play a vital role in helping people in the mall, not just providing their safety.

5. Deal with Shoplifters

Every mall is plagued with shoplifters. A security guard ensures that shoplifters are caught and effectively dealt with. This includes either letting them off with a warning or handing repeated offenders to the police.

6. Act During Emergencies

Whether it is a fire, a gun shootout or health crisis, a security guard is trained to act during any sort of emergency. The first order of business is to evacuate the premises and ensure that the emergency plan is executed. The greatest asset of a mall security guard is his clam mind that enables him to make the best decision and direct your shocked customers to act in the best manner.

If you don’t have mall security guards, your premises isvulnerable and the stores and visitors are exposed. Ensure you hire well trained security guards so that you create safe environment.


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