6 characteristics of a great security guard

October 21, 2014

How do you know if the security guard you have hired is good enough?

It is important to know that the security guard you have, whether directly hired or provided by an agency, is worth his mettle. It helps create a tension free environment. You know that your store, school, mall or property will be watched over carefully. A great security guard carries certain characteristics, here’s what you should look out for.

1. Got the Right Training

Great security guards are not born, they are made (laugh it off!). You can’t hire anyone and slap on a uniform and a hat and make them a security guard. Additionally with many courses online, you have many security guards with lopsided and flimsy security certificates to prove their training.

Other than the common certificates, see that they have Occupational First Aid and Advanced Security Training.

At GPS Security, we additionally offer specialized training to our guards in the form of fire watch and GPS patrolling.

2. Well Mannered

Whether the security guard is employed in a hotel or a corporate building, he is going to be dealing with plenty of people. His interaction is going to reflect on your business. A well mannered security guard hints that he can deal with pressure well.

He needs to exert professional confidence and not arrogance. A security guard holds a lot of gateway power, this hold on power can turn into arrogance.

3. Alertness and Awareness

You would never think that a criminal would take a crack at your store, but when it does happen, you’ll be glad if your security guard notices it before it actually goes down.

A security guard must be completely alert of everything, even on the most boring day.

4. Honesty

A security guard sees and knows plenty of things wherever he is posted. If he is honest, you will get a lot of feedback on how to improve your security system.

5. Adaptive

Your security guard will learn and adapt to the processes and procedures in place. This is vital because you don’t want a security guard that burdens your processes. They know their job and how they can stick to various policies. This also means that he should know all your procedures inside out from the emergency plan to allowing a goods van into the corporate building.

6. Responsible

A security guard will prove his worth and responsibility only in time, but a great one is always responsible. They don’t just do their job, they do what needs to be done. When a crisis arises, watch out how responsible they are.

Only time will tell if your security guard is great, good or just bad. However, you can observe and watch out for these characteristics.


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