5 types of home alarm systems

August 28, 2018

home alarm

To secure your house from external elements, you need to install the right security equipment. Several security systems can be installed in a house such as alarm systems, smart locks, security cameras, etc. When you install a home alarm system, it can protect your house from multiple security threats. A home alarm system can detect the presence of any gas leakage, increase in the temperature due to fire, and even raise an alarm when an unauthorized person tries to enter your house. If you are a homeowner who is planning to have a home alarm system, then we have mentioned 5 types of home alarm systems for you to choose from.

1. Passive Infrared Motion Detectors

Homeowners extensively use this type of home alarm system because it is affordable and effective. A passive infrared motion detector system emits infrared rays at a specified frequency. Infrared rays are capable of sensing changes in the heat signals. If there is an intruder when you are not at home, the sensor detects it and raises an alarm immediately.

2. Ultrasonic Detectors

The ultrasonic detectors are alarm systems which use sound waves for detecting intruders. Such an alarm system releases sound waves that are inaudible to human ears. The soundwaves released by the alarm systems strike with the surrounding objects and returns back to the detectors. So, when the alarm system identifies an abrupt change in frequency when nobody is at home, it can set off. Thus, protecting your house from any potential security breach.

3. Magnetic Beam Detector

In such an alarm system, a magnet is connected to an electrical circuit which is controlled by a switch. When you are not at home, the switch completes the circuit with the magnet and if a burglar tries to trespass your property, the circuit is tripped, and the alarm is set off.

4. Electric Current Alarms

An electric alarm primarily makes a beep sound everytime a door or a window is opened. These alarms are the most prominently used types of home alarm systems. Every time a person enters the house, the owner is notified of the same with a beep sound. So, if an intruder tries to enter, then the owner is notified immediately.

5. Glass Break Detectors

Glass break detectors raise an alarm when they detect the sound or vibration of a breaking glass. As a burglar tries to enter your home by breaking your window, the glass break detector systems are triggered and they raise an alarm immediately.

Apart from these 5 home alarm systems, there are motion sensing alarms, infrared alarms, microwave detector alarms, etc. To know more about these home alarm systems or to select the right type of home alarm system, get in touch with a security company.


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