4 Signs You Need a New Security Officer for Your Office

December 28, 2017

security officer

The physical security of people is important, be it in corporate facilities or residential complexes in Calgary. Small to big, all businesses need to have a security officer to address their concerns related to employee safety, theft, safeguarding documents, and handling emergency situations. A security officer provides a complete security solution for you by safeguarding your whole premises.

Sometimes, however, your security officers are not able to deal with situations that threaten the security and safety of the office. This is the time when you should consider hiring a new security officer for your office. Here are some signs that show you need to hire a new security officer.

Lack of Interpersonal Skills

It is very important to know how your security officers communicate with employees and visitors around your office premises. How they greet and behave with the clients that are coming to your office gives an impression of the workplace to your clients. If your guard lacks these skills, you might need to hire a new security officer.

For example, if a guard speaks disrespectfully with someone entering the premises, it gives a bad impression about your company. Disrespect may also be construed as sexism or racism and put you in a legal soup.

Inability to Handle Tricky Situations

There are times when the security officer needs to be attentive to handle tricky situations. It may be a fire, first aid issue, fights or any other situation. Your security guard should be able to resolve these situations, for which they need a good presence of mind. Inability to handle these things is a sign that you need a well-trained security officer.

Security Breach

There are times when someone enters the premise without permission and the guard is not aware of it. This security breach can lead to robbery and other criminal offenses. Security officers should be capable of dealing with these kind of security issues and should be able to manage the complete security of your premise.

Lack of Attention

The reasons for a security breach or the inability to handle situations is usually due to  lack of attention. A security guard should be well-aware of what is happening in and around the premises of your office. Lack of attention leads to security issues and disturbs the functioning of the office. One should always consider hiring a well attentive security officer to ensure complete security.

Abuse of Addictive Substances

Another issue that can hamper the security is substance abuse by a security officer. Smoking, drinking or drug usage can not only lead to unsafe security but can also bring in legal actions in Calgary against the officer and the company he is working for. Before hiring a security officer, one should always perform a drug screening of the security officer.

A security officer should be trained well to provide your Calgary office with the best security. If you are considering hiring a new security officer in Calgary, get in touch with the experts – GPS security.


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