4 Forms Of Best Security

January 6, 2015

Every person should have some concerns about security. This is not some form of paranoia, but a way to keep yourself, your home, family and your business safe. Edmonton has one of the highest crime rates in the country. Property theft and robbery could happen to anyone in the city.

So what are the best forms of security that can protect you?

1. Prevention

The best police in the world are effective solely because they prevent crimes before it actually happens.

Similarly, you can significantly reduce the chances of a crime happening. How can you do this?

– Stay informed

Information is a powerful weapon to stay safe. Know what crimes are occurring around the city. Use the local news websites like Edmonton Journal to keep track of crime. Additionally, when you’re shifting into a new house, do a little research on the neighborhood and find out if it is safe.

– Be Alert

Being alert gives you a heads up for any suspicious activity. It helps when you avoid getting into a tough security situation.

2. Add a Security System

A security system can work wonders to help enhance your security at home or at the office. It functions non-stop and provides 24 hour coverage.

– Alarm Sensors

Sensors at your store, home or office can immediately alert your security service of a break in. At GPS Security, security personnel immediately become aware of any alarms through GPS technology and quickly respond to them.

– Video Monitoring

Video monitoring ensures that you have eyes on multiple locations at once. Every location that has a video camera is marked as being ‘under surveillance’ so that everyone is aware of it. This is a deterrent to any kind of crime. Also, any crime that does take place will be recorded and can be used as evidence later on.

3. Hire a Security Guard

If your security threat is very real, for example you run a store or an office that needs to have tight entry access, then you make a good choice by hiring a security guard. He ensures people who enter and exit the location meet your security requirements like carrying proper identification and not acting in a suspicious manner.

Additionally, a security guard is trained to tackle delicate situations. A criminal often thinks twice when they realize a location is protected by a security guard.

4. Personal Security

If you are a rising celebrity or have received serious threats, the best form of protection would be personal security guard. Having a security guard with you at all times when you leave the house or make a public appearance is a good way to protect yourself. A security guard is trained to see threats in a manner that you can’t. This is vital when it comes to keeping your life safe.

At GPS Security, we can give you a free security consultation on how you can improve your security. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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