Mobile Surveillance System Is Ideal For Commercial Events

July 14, 2017


Commercial events such as concerts, peace protests, and conferences are places where hundreds of people gather. These places are hot spots for terrorist attacks, burglars, and vandals. There is an additional risk of a stampede occurring as there are so many people at the venue. It is, therefore, important to have a security system in place to secure and manage large crowds at commercial events. These days mobile surveillance systems are being used at various events. Many Edmonton security systems such as GPS Security provide sophisticated mobile surveillance systems. Mobile surveillance systems include two components – Mobile patrol security guards service and mobile surveillance trailers.

Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Mobile surveillance trailers are hi-tech security devices. They are mobile and function with the help of solar energy. MSU hybrid, the model provided by GPS Security uses solar panels and an environment-friendly diesel generator. This device can function for 6 months during summers and up to 2 months during winter without refueling. The main advantage of using a mobile surveillance trailer is that you get to remotely monitor your event location and ensure maximum protection for the people at the event. MSU Hybrid has IP HD cameras which enable you to get live footage of various places at the same time. Another advantage of MSU Hybrid is that it is extremely portable. It consists of solar panels and gas generators which can be easily transported from one location to another. Mobile surveillance trailers combined with mobile patrol security guards can provide maximum protection to people at commercial events.

Mobile Patrol Security Guards

The mobile patrol security guards provided by GPS Security are highly trained. They usually patrol the location on foot, bike or car. This enables them to identify possible dangerous situations at an early stage. The fact that there are security guards patrolling itself reduces the chances of any criminal activity. Potential criminals will be alerted by the whereabouts of security guards and refrain from any criminal activity. Apart from safeguarding people, these guards are also trained to handle crowds. In case a chaotic situation arises, these security guards along with the crisis management team manage the crowd and if required, even help them evacuate the venue. All our security guards can be tracked with a GPS tracker. This enables us to deliver best security service for commercial events.

At GPS Security, we provide different types of security systems such as video monitoring, aboriginal security guard services, alarm response systems, and fire watch security service to name a few. Reach out to us to know more about our services.

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